Man Plus is a natural and an energetic product; it is tonic and strengthening, especially fit in cases of tiredness and lack of desire.
The best in the world at the best price.
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ManPlus is, without doubts, one of the best italian natural product studied for men’s sexual problems and men’s health in general.

It is a product of quality containing many natural ingredients.

It is possible to use this integrator successfully as an excellent anti stress product too.

ManPlus helps in cases of impotence, besides it gives good results in cases of poor libido and sexual tiredness.

It is a natural product coming from the Swiss Wonderup Sagl – Naturdieta, known for its high quality products and using only the best herbs.

The best herbs and the best plants, which have been traditionally used for centuries and studied in scientific researchs, are now  available for people who want to have back their lost vigour.

Many people have asked for this product in combining to the use of the medicine Viagra or have tried this product in alternative.

Man Plus Power joins the best parts of the Traditional Mediterranean and Chinese Medicine, and is able to invigorate and strengthen the whole organism, giving a special help with good results in the sexual sphere.

Its unique combination of herbs with beneficial properties over testosterone production, assures its effects in the improvement and strengthening of desire.

Man Plus Power contains only selected ingredients, like Cola, Liriosma ovata, Crawlgrass, Pepper Wort, Damiana, Wild Rose, Green Tea, Spirulina, Ginger, Cinnamon, Garden Angelica, Gentian, Guaranà, Ginseng.

A bottle of Man Plus Power contains 100 tablets (50g), enough for a continued use of about 25 days.

The minimum number of tablets that can be assumed is 1-2.

For a correct use , 4 tablets per day in a month are recommended; afterwards, 2 tablets can be assumed in case of need.

ManPlus contains 14 components plus glucosamine.

Its unique combination of herbs guarantees testosterone production and assures the improvement and the strengthening of desire.

Every tablet contains: Cola 75mg, Liriosa ovata (or Muira Puama) 75mg, Crawlgrass 45mg, Pepper Wort 40mg, Damiana 40mg, Wild Rose 40mg, Green Tea 40mg, Spirulina 40mg, Ginger 30mg, Cinnamon 25mg, Garden Angelina 15mg, Gentian 15mg, Guaranà 10mg and Ginseng 10mg.

It's a totally natural product; it does not contain synthetic substances or chemical additives.

Man Plus Power is totally safe.

The compounding herbs have been used for centuries by men to strengthen sexual power and desire.

Now, they have been re-discovered by Naturdieta and tested by the modern research on herbs and foods with energetic and beneficial action, they are also used in erboristeria and considered safe.

Thanks to the high contents of purinic bases like slow-release caffeine, teofillina, teobromina, tannins, vegetal fats and saponina, stimulators of the hypotalamus, we have a good action in the bedewing of the male sexual organ's cavernous parts, influencing adrenalin production and inhibiting the enzyme that causes its degradation, extending the stimulant effects over the genital system and apparatus.

Recent studies in alimentary biochemistry in the U.S.A., showed the importance of foods in the sexual sphere, especially foods with high contents of nourishing principles like arginine amino-acid, that remarkably raises the number of spermatozoona.

Man Plus Power can be assumed by all the men wishing to improve and strengthen their performances.

The natural substances contained in Man Plus help body welfare and raise the reaction of the immunity system against external attacks.

Health conditions and metabolism are unique for every man.

Herbs-base remedies work at an individual level, just like all the integrators.

Most of the men submitted to our tests found a clear improvement after the first week of assumption, but results, as we said, change from an individual to another one.

It is a really interesting product for its quality, for its rich composition, because it is natural and it has a low cost.

In few words: it is excellent!

In particular, adding Man Plus Power (which helps in cases of impotence, poor libido, sexual tiredness, stress) to Nitroxx (impotence, nitric oxide) you will have very surprising  results without using drugs.

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