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It has been chosen for Man Plus Power because of its beneficial action, that seems to be known since 2nd century B.C., and a legend tells it takes its name from the king of illyria, Gentus, to whom its discovery is ascribed. It's recommended in situations of tiredness, anaemia, physical decay, asthenia. Gentian reveals aperitif, febrifugal, stomatic, tonic, vermifugal properties. Gentian also improves the haematic table, and gives an balancing effect over eritrociti and leucocytes. Acid and no-toxic substances produce the pharmaceutical effect.

The root increases performances capability; before meals it whets the appetite. The bitter principles balance gastric juices. We can also make use of its dried root, that has a typical slightly bitter taste from some  bitter substances contained in it, especially an eteroside, the genziopicrina.