Turnera aphrosiciaca
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Originally from Mexico, Damiana was named mizib-coc by the Mayan Indians and was used for lung disorders, dizziness and increasing sex drive. The herb's reputation for arousing sexual desire gave the herb its second Latin name. Today, Damiana is primarily used for treating female problems and is well known to restore the body's vital energies, even when exhausted. Other general uses include treatment for coughs, cond and flu symptoms, impotence, kidney inflammation, Parkinson's disease and it also used as a stimulant for the central nervous system.
Its primarily traditional uses for women include treatment of : famale hormone imbalances, poor mammary gland (breast) development, frigidity, weakened pelvic (reproductive) organs, decreased libido (sex drive), hot flashes, menopause, infertility, PMS.

It has been selected for Man plus Power because it improves performances possibilities, mitigates states of depression and increases sexual desire. In fact, it has an aphrodisiac property that makes it useful in  situations of sexual asthenia and male impotency from psychological causes, thanks to its positive action over humour balance, joined with a stimulation of the spinal nervous centres controlling the action of sexual organs.

Damiana has a particular anti-depressive, tonic and stimulating action in general, that can be exploited in case of physical or intellectual overwork, tiredness, stress, depressive states, and it's therefore perfect to increase sexual desire and male vigour, so much depending on such factors. Damiana has been one of the most important plants for Mayas, above all against asthma; in fact, in Maya's language this plant's name is " X misib kok", that means "the being who sweeps off asthma".

By means of Damiana, an asthma-suffering subject can find back his joy for life. In this context, it has been proved that asthma-calming plants have usually an aphrodisiac effect too, both for men and women. Damiana contains an essential oil containing cineolo, cimolo and pinene; several disinfectant substances, damianina, arbutina, tannin, glycoside and resins. These active principles are neurotonic, anti-spastic, invigorating and diuretic. Although what we discovered about Damiana, we can say that we are only at the beginning of a research that could give excellent results.

Damiana is actually one of the most carefully studied plants in the scientific research, just because of  these important properties.

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