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The products of beekeeping from the Italian Prealpi mountains: all kinds of HONEY, fresh POLLEN, ROYAL JELLY and PROPOLIS.

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The champions' food supplement studied spcifically for athletes and used by Formula 1 racing drivers such as Giancarlo Fisichella and Jean Alesi: ROBUR®

So how does ROBUR® work? The secret lies in the very specific properties and highly effective action of its components. The benefit of its being quickly assimilated - in 2-3 minutes - is that it places no load on the digestive system. These energy-giving substances are thus made direcly available to the whole body with no blood 'theft' from the heart and brain - which is what happens during a normal meal, when the digestive process requires blood to flow to the stomach from these upper organs, thus leaving them weak and resulting in a general loss of concentration and resistance to fatigue.

The secret of these ingredients is simple: they are the richest energy-inducing substances to be found in nature. And when they are mixed together, the potency of the whole surpasses that of the sum of its parts.

"The properties of honey", explains professor, "are well-known: it is rich in simple sugars, glucose and fructose, which are highly invigorating and easily assimilated, and don't cause insulin overloads as common white sugar does. It also contains minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, silica, and enzymes which have an active influence on the digestive and metabolic processes, and zync, the basic component of white cells.

Then there is royal jelly, the food of the queen bee, the only bee in the hive capable of procreation. In ancient times, it was looked upon as an elixir of life, and even today it is acknowledged as having extraordinary biological powers (virtues, efficacy), especially for children, elderly people and athletes - it reduces fatigue, improves one's mood, and has positive effects on the suprarenal gland.

Pollen is rich in free aminoacids, produces an increase in the level of red cells, and improves intellectual performance.

Propolis is well-known for its disinfectant and antibiotic action. It also protects capillaries and facilitates the absorption of vitamin C.

But ROBUR® also contains more 'exotic' ingredients.

Ginseng is a plant growing in China and Korea. Its anti-fatigue, anti-anemic, and stimulating properties (on the central nervous system ) have all been widely acknowledged. Its potential in cases of physical and psychological weariness, in athletic training and general stress are evident.

These properties are intensified by the action of eleutherococcus, a plant from the Siberian steppe, well-known as an antidepressive and anti-fatigue, and by spirulina, an algae discovered in the Tchad lake and in Mexican lakes, which has been acknowledged as having beneficial effects on intellectual performance, producing an increase in concentration and attention.

Finally, there is guaranà, a shrub growing in Brasil, widely used in that country as an excellent tonic in all cases of muscular fatigue and weariness, and very useful also in slimming diets thanks to its high contents of special substances called tannins, which stimulate in the body the secretion of a lipolithic hormone, adrenalin, which draws fats out of cells and burns them." 

The secret - and legal - kick used by sports champions is now available to everyone
[from 'La Benzina Verde (The Green Juice)' - by Ernesto Vergani - in SALVE (Health and Medicine monthly), October 1993]

The legal kick that can increase the physical potential of athletes to the maximum level already exists. It was created just a few years ago, and since then has helped racing drivers, cyclists, football players and other top athletes to achieve their best results, without any damage to their health. Quite the opposite, in fact.

And now this outstanding nutritional supplement is also available and highly recommended for all sorts of people - those doing sports, studying, facing stressful periods at work, or coping with the onset of old age. ROBUR® provides extra energy for everyone. It is an elixir made up of natural substances with amazing effects - it boosts physical energy, concentration and reflexes to the maximum.

It was developed by a professor, lecturer in Sports Medicine, - an authority in the field of athletic performance.

And now his invention, which looks like a green jam - sounds like X-Files stuff but actually tastes good - is now available to everybody, not just to the sports lite.

So what is this super-food of the athletes? Though it probably won't miraculously transform a couch potato into an Olympic champion, for the top athletes using it ROBUR ®is indeed almost like a magic potion. Such highly challenging and competitive sports activities as Formula 1 motor racing, off-shore, football, cycling, etc. require a truly special "juice" for muscles and for the brain, a "fuel" to be taken in the simplest possible way and without assimilation problems.

Just think about a cyclist covering a distance of hundreds of km at a speed of 50 km/h under a scorching sun. Or a rally driver in an African race lasting several days,with just a few hours break, and temperatures of 60° C. In these cases ROBUR® works like an energy bomb.

But it is an absolutely harmless bomb that would pass any anti-doping test. It is a food supplement containing only natural substances - honey, royal jelly, propolis, pollen, ginseng, eleuterococco, spirulina, guaranà and wild rose. No chemicals, just a carefully chosen blend of select substances whose extraordinary effects have been known since ancient times.

But that's not all. Extensive testing has led to the discovery of other beneficial properties of this product - it is invigorating, anti-asthenic (against tiredness), antidepressive, slimming, revitalizing for skin and hair.

"The product", says professor, "was created with the specific aim of boosting the physical resistance and the attention and concentration capabilities of the athletes under my supervision.
It has an anti-asthenic function, that is, it reduces the feeling of tiredness, and it inhibits the formation of lactic acid in muscles. It could be regarded as a sort of 'fuel' for the muscles - a highly energizing and nutritious fuel.

NATURDIETA® ROBUR, also called the "green potion" because of its color, has a pleasant sweet flavour and can be taken with the plastic spoon provided. Just put a little under your tongue to aid absorption and let it dissolve.

"The product", says professor," is known as a 'super-food' for athletes, but it is very useful also for anyone who practises sports on an amateurish level. And it is indeed suitable for everyone, from children to elderly people, with the obvious exception of anyone who should happen to be allergic to one of its components. Since it is a natural product to be taken in small doses, it carries no warnings and has no side-effects - it can even be taken by diabetics.

It can be taken in different doses and at different times of the day, according to different needs. As a general rule, anyone who wants to spend the whole day at the height of his or her physical and intellectual capabilities should take two small spoonfuls in the morning before breakfast, on an empty stomach.

However, in some cases, it is advisable to increase these doses. For instance, in periods of greater stress and tiredness due to an excessive load of work or study, the basic dose of two small spoonfuls in the morning can be repeated in the afternoon, thus increasing attention and concentration capabilities.

Even elderly people, who often suffer from lack of appetite, can similarly supplement their diet with ROBUR®, thereby avoiding the digestive problems typical of their age. Besides, the antidepressive qualities of the product can also be very useful in relieving their tendency towards depression.

And, of course, two small spoonfuls should be taken by anyone who practices some sport. Ten minutes before playing tennis or football the energy supplied by Robur is of great help for a better athletic performance, to avoid feelings of tiredness and to supply the necessary strength without recourse to eating a meal hours before the event. The same can be said for those about to start on a car journey.

The energy supplied by four small spoonfuls of ROBUR® is more or less equivalent to that of a serving of a pasta plus a whole steak (ie. a typical full meal). The difference lies in the time required for its absorption - with Robur, it just takes two minutes, whereas the digesion of a normal meal usually takes two or three hours, thus resulting in tiredness and loss of attention".

In short, ROBUR® is a real elixir for the whole body, and it is to normal foods as racing cars' fuel is to the local gas pump. "Besides", concludes the professor, "though supplying the body with the necessary calories in the form of pure energy, ROBUR ® causes no weight gain - not only, but if taken under medical surveillance, it can even be used as an excellent aid in a slimming diet, since it supplies all the substances necessary to life, but with no fat intake. One of its ingredients in particular - guaranà - has a powerful action in burning fat by stimulating the secretion of a lipolithic hormone, adrenalin. Robur has also been proven to have beneficial effects on the health of hair and skin."

ROBUR® was developed in the form of a paste or jam in order to preserve all the properties and the characteristics of its ingredients. Besides, this special paste formulation allows the blending of the ingredients at cold temperatures in order not to affect the abovesaid properties and characteristics of the components.
ROBUR® is useful to people of all ages who wish to maintain or restore a healthy physical and mental condition.
ROBUR® is recommended to:

ROBUR® is also very useful for all kinds of excessive physicsl tiredness or exhaustion which are common during certain periods of the year. Thanks to its ingredients, ROBUR® is able to stimulate the organism and provide it with energy without causing any weight gain.


To get the best results out of ROBUR®, follow the instructions below:
Kids are advised to take one spoonful of the product (using the plastic spoon provided) in the morning on an empty stomach, letting it dissolve under the tongue.
For adults, 2-3 spoonfuls is the recommended dose.
People practising sports should take 2 spoonfuls in the morning and 2 more 10 minutes before starting the sports activity. In these doses the product carries no particular warnings and can be taken, under medical advice, even by diabetics.

Honey is a complex compound whose components are still under research - recent studies have discovered small quantities of new molecules and chemical substances, whose nutritive and pharmacological relevance is nonetheless considerable.
It contains sugars, proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. It is also rich in enzymes that play an active role in all of the body's metabolic reactions, speeding them up.
Composition -100 gr honey contain: water 17 gr, proteins 0,3 gr, fats 0,2 gr, sugars 79,5 gr, vitamin B, PP and C, pantotenic acid, minerals (calcium, iron, phosphorous, copper, potassium, manganese, sodium, sulfur, chlorine).
Pollen is not produced by bees, as is commonly thought, but simply gathered by them from flowers, and it is the raw material for the production of royal jelly. Every single microscopic grain of pollen is a biological unity containing all that is necessary to life - vitamins, proteins, twenty-one out of the twenty-three known amino acids, carbohydrates, enzimes, coenzymes, sugars, growth hormones, minerals. The nucleus of its cell holds the basic components of life - the molecules of DNA and RNA, which determine the function of all living cells.
Composition - 100 gr contain: water 60,5 gr, proteins 20 gr, fats 4,5 gr, sugars 15 gr, a large amount of vitamins (A, group B vitamins, C, D, E, PP, K), minerals (copper and iron), enzymes.
Royal Jelly is produced by the nurse bees' specific glands. It helps the body by stimulating natural defences and regulating appetite. It also has an anti-anaemic function. Scientific tests have proven its richness in elements necessary to life, such as B Complex vitamins (B1, B2, B6, B12, PP, H, folic acid), minerals (phosphorus, copper, iron, sulphur, selenium), unsaturated fatty acids, amino acids and hormonal substances.
Composition - 100 gr contain: proteins 48,2 gr, fats 10,4 gr, sugars 38,8 gr, group B vitamins, vitamin C and A, minerals, estrogen-like factors, antitoxic and antibiotic elements.
Together with the other ingredients of ROBUR®, it makes an excellent mixture, with invigorating properties for kids growing up, for elderly people, for people recovering from illness and generally for anyone suffering from tiredness and depression.
Propolis is gathered by bees from the buds and barks of trees. It is usually made up of 30% beeswax, 50-55% resin and balms, 10-15% essential oils, and 5% pollen.
Its several medical and therapeutical properties have been widely acknowledged. Its medical use is therefore justified by the several properties - antioxidant, anaesthetic, bactericidal, wound-healing, antimycotic, antivirus. On a more general level, its internal use also has beneficial effects - it improves the secretion of gastric acids, it is antidepressive and antifatigue (it inhibits the formation of toxins in the muscles), it facilitates the absorption of vitamin C and calcium.
This small blue freshwater algae was discovered in the African lake Tchad and in the Mexican lakes. The main characteristic of its chemical composition is its richness in proteins and amino acids, but the presence of carotenoids and essential fatty acids (linoleic gamma acid) is also relevant. Spirulina supplies the body with essential elements such as vitamins A, G, E and minerals.
Wild rose (or dog rose) is one of the many species of wild rose that can be commonly found in the countryside. Its flowers and leaves, as well as its fruits - which are extremely rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C - are widely used in medicine.
(Eleutherococcus Senticosus) - It's a plant form the Siberian steppe and belongs to the same family as ginseng. Since the first experiments carried out in the Soviet Union on a few high-level athletes and on astronauts, its importance in medicine has kept rising steadily. In Italy too it has also been succesfully tested on athletes. At Olympic Games many athletic teams take eleuterococco tablets. The anti-fatigue effect acts not only on the physical level but also enhances intellectaul capabilities. Eleuterococco contains many heterosids and acts as stimulant of the central nervous system and of the endocrine glands.
It's a plant from China and Korea. Known and valued since ancient times, ginseng has invigorating and stimulating properties and is considered as an elixir of longevity.
Its composition is very complex. Besides ginsenoids, it contains other substances that have important biological functions - group B vitamins, vitamin C, essentail oils, amino acids and estrogens.
Clinical research on ginseng is one of the largest ever dedicated to natural substances and has proven for certain that this substance has a positive effect in lowering the level of cholesterol in the blood and has a general revitalizing effect.
Ginseng is also excellent in boosting the reaction capacity of the brain and of the suprarenal gland. Vitality indeed is given not only by physical energy but also by mental vigour, by the resistance capacity of heart and muscles as well as by learning and perception capabilities. It's on the basis of these parameters that we can study the revitalising effect of ginseng. In a healthy person, ginseng works by restoring the normal metabolic rate each time a biological alteration occurs. The active principles contained in this plant increase the speed of chemical and metabolic reactions and the distribution of energy in the body, thus regenerating organs.
Recent studies have proven that taking ginseng before physical exercise allows a more economical combustion of carbohydrates, thus bringing an optimal utilization of the energy supplied; besides, the residues of lactic acid in muscles are eliminated faster than usual, and there is an intensification in the production of phosphorous compounds, which are the body's source of energy.
It's a shrub that comes from Brasil and is used mostly for its energizing and slimming properties. The fruit of this plant is a red capsule containing several seeds already used as stimulants by the pre-colombian native population. Chemical analysis has shown that among the components of these seeds there is a high quantity of tannins and caffeine, which accounts for the typical anti-fatigue action of guaranà. Tannins, besides, stimulate the secretion and increase the longevity of a lipolitic hormone - adrenaline - whose functions include extracting fats from fat cells and burning them, thus proving very useful in slimming programmes.

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