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The Cola Walnut, fruit of a native tree of the eastern African coasts, has aphrodisiac properties, with an effectual action against tiredness and depression.

There are cases in which even young and healthy people may have sudden physical yielding that, even if not determined by specific problems, have influence on intimate relations, sometimes in a serious way.

Above all, they're situations of tiredness caused by overwork or over-activity, or depending on an abuse of one's own energies, not least the sexual ones. That's the case when it's possible to have  recourse to energetic substances, among them Kola acuminata, whose components are caffeine, colatina, tannin, teobromina.

These active substances stimulate nerves and are tonic for the cardiac muscle.

It's very interesting to note that into the total dust of the cola walnut, the purinic bases are fixed to the flavonoids and slowly released into the intestine, getting by this way a prolonged action and avoiding the exciting effects from caffeine that may be observed when cola is assumed in the form of tisane or extract.

That's why the tablets formula ideally suits this ingredient.