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The ginger is a general stimulant and an efficacious tonic, since much time known in Chinese  pharmacopoeia to oppose weariness, asthenia and impotence.

In Asiatic medicine, the ginger is considered a "warm" spice, that stimulates circulation, relaxes blood-vessels, impedes vomit, has a spasmolitic effect, aids digestion, is anti-flatulence and antiseptic.

In China, the ginger's root is considered an effective Yang tonic, perfectly useful to strengthen male energies, fire and vitality.

Deep medical researches recently accomplished in Japan and Europe showed the important effects of the ginger and its several components.

The most important substances contained in it are the essential oils with zingiberine, gingerolo, shogaolo, which aid the digestion and stimulates the organism, and enzymes and anti-oxidizing substances with anti-aging properties.