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Recent studies showed Spirulina's richness in proteins (55%) and, the same in iron and  betacarotene. If we add an extreme richness in amino-acids, vitamins (especially the ones of group B), mineral salts, oligoelements, essential fat acids, we can realize why it's logical to make use of it as   anti-weariness and against asthenias even of sexual type. Its richness in proteins permits to support body efforts, while vitamins and fat acids give tone and vitality. Moreover than vitamins and minerals, Spirulina is rich in fitonutrienti and functional nutritive substances, having a positive effect over our health. In the culture of alimentary excess abounding of poor and damaging foods from a nutritional point of view, Spirulina I also has a depurative effect over the whole organism. The combination of its fitonutrienti like chlorophyll,  polisaccaridi and ficocianina, of which it's the only natural source, reveals remarkable detoxicating properties, limiting the intoxication of kidneys caused by heavy metals. Spirulina fights the ageing effect, thanks to many of its components' oxidizing power, and fights anaemia too, thanks to the high percentage of iron, improving body resistance and athletic performance because of the iron, calcium and amino-acids brought.

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