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It acts directly on the stimulation of the sexual apparatus; in fact, it contains stimulating substances like caffeine, teobromina and teofillina and it can also improve the secretion of adrenaline into the body, dissolving the deposits of fats and conducing them to a better combustion.

Through tannins, it also inhibits the enzyme causing its degradation, so prolonging its efficacy.

Recently, researchers discovered that green tea's beneficial properties are due to its contents of catechine, a group of compounds that, on the contrary, is destroyed during the fermentation process of Black Tea. Catechine lower the level of cholesterol and generally improve the metabolism of lipids; they also have important anti-cancer and anti-bacterial effects. Moreover, the green tea gives an anti-fatigue action, thanks to its contents of caffeine, but the disadvantages of caffeine don't take place because it is tied to poly-phenols and slowly released in the blood. Recent researches made clear that the tannin contained in the green tea is able to interrupt the formation of super-oxide in the organism, slowing down the aging process.
The green tea improves thermo-genesis: this means that the energy produced by our body becomes higher than the absorbed energy, actively stimulating the physical and sexual vigour.