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Penis enlargement 

1 month supply 60 capsules

Are you tired of experimenting with pills, lotions, potions and devices that promise a whole lot of stuff and actually do nothing?

Are you sick of the frustration every time you see your small penis?

Presenting MaxDude.


Maxdude is the result of years of research. We have developed the complete herbal formula specifically to help you increase your penis size and have better sex as a result. Increase your confidence, get your sex life going. End all the embarrassment because of your penis size. Get a bigger penis. Order MaxDude today.


Satisfy your lover completely. Improve the sex you have and make it better for your partner too. The size of your penis affects your experience and your partner’s too. A bigger penis increases her pleasure too. Go in deep and stimulate her G-spot…..most women love a guy who can reach that far!! With a bigger penis you can give your partner maximum pleasure. Why deprive yourself of a satisfying sex life when it is possible to have it all??? MaxDude can increase the size of your erection by 3 to 4 amazing inches!!

Increase the length of your penis and enjoy the benefits of a larger firmer erection permanently. MaxDude gives you a longer bigger penis that is yours for life. Once you reach the size you want, you can stop the pills.

Penis Enlargement Pills


Maxdude will cause no side effects. It is an herbal nutritional supplement made from the purest ingredients that are blended in the optimum ratios to give you the most effective and safe penis enlargement product. No nasty side effects, no risks to your health. Just guaranteed increase in your penis size.

MaxDude is truly the best penis enlargement pill you can find. It is the only penis enlargement pill that guarantees results with a full money-back guarantee in case you are not fully satisfied. MaxDude is a purely herbal formula blended in optimum proportions to give you an effective, yet safe penis enlargement pill. MaxDude does not come along with a multitude of side effects. In fact, it has absolutely no side effects. It is completely safe for use.

Use MaxDude regularly and see the visible difference in your member. It will be bigger for sure. Gain inches and let your sex life just take off. Have better sex, give your partner greater pleasure and satisfaction, have more intense orgasms with a larger bigger penis. Permanently. The good effects of MaxDude are permanent. You don’t have to use it for the rest of your life…just till you get the big penis that you wanted. End the embarrassment and the insecurity. Don’t hesitate to unzip. Show off your big erection and be the stud you always wanted to be.

MaxDude. Proven to be effective. Completely safe. And economical. What more could anyone want?

MaxDude is a tested formula. The ingredients sourced are the purest and the best. The MaxDude blend is backed by years of research and has been repeatedly proven to be effective.

We back our product with a full money-back guarantee. Not that you will ask for your money back…we are that confident.


Each MaxDude capsule contains:

Emblica officinals   
Tribulus terrestris
Hibiscus abelmoschus
Asparagus racemosus  
Hygrophila spinosa
Withania somnifera      
Chlorophytum arundinaceum

Each and every ingredient of Maxdude is time tested and traditionally used since ancient times by expert Ayurvedic doctors in India and more recently the entire world. MaxDude is 100% safe without any side effects. This is because it is a fantastic formulation extracted from rich, natural herbs which have been used worldwide for boosting up sexual drive and enhancing penile properties.

Emblica officinals:
This herb has been heralded as the most potent herb for enhancing virility. The Indian name of Emblica officinals is Indian Gooseberry (Amla). It is the most celebrated herb known for its rich source of vitamin C, minerals and amino acids. The most important aspect that has been scientifically proved in Emblica Officinals is that it increases the secretion level of testosterone. It’s traditionally used as a powerful sex booster in men and increasing sperm count without any trace of side effects.

Tribulus terretris:
Common Names: Small Caltrops,  Land Caltrops,  Puncture Vine
 Tribulus terrestris known as Gokshur in India is popular for its miraculous power of curing erectile dysfunction. It increases the level of leutenizing hormone, which brings about an increase in the secretion of Testosterone leading to a great sex life. The prime action of Tribulus Terretris on the male body is that of an Aphrodisiac, i.e. libido enhancer.

Hibiscus abelmoschus:
Family: malvaceae.
Common name: Ambrette Seeds, Hibiscus Abelmoschus, Musk Mallow, Musk Okra, Ornamental Okra, Annual Hibiscus, Yorka Okra, Galu Gasturi, Bamia Moschata.
Hibiscus abelmoschus commonly known as Muskdana or Musk Okra is an annual tropical seasonal plant which has been extensively used by Ayurvedic exponents across the world as an Aphrodisiac. These herbs have special powers in enhancing virility and optimal penile health. The oil of the seeds, with a strong musk odor is the chief ingredient in this male enhancement formula.

Asparagus racemosus:
Family Name :
Common Name: Satavari, liliaceous
Asparagus racemoscus popularly known as Shatavari in Ayurveda has been used as an age-old aphrodisiac by men. Shatavari is described as “Jeevaneeya” in Ayurveda. The powdered dried roots of Shatavari improve the nature of male erection and help the brain to respond better to sexual stimulus. Asparagus r. has once been one of the most powerful herbs prescribed by Ayurvedic doctors to curb erectile dysfunction and make men more confident about their sexual performance.

Hygrophila spinosa:
The Indian name of Hygrophila spinosa is Gokulakanta which has potential properties for improving both sperm volume and quality. This herb known for its aphrodisiac properties since ancient times is an ingredient in some of the most powerful herbal aphrodisiac agents and good male enhancement formulations.

Withania somnifera:
Family: Solanaceae
Common Name: Ashwagandha
This herb has been among the oldest herbs used in India, with a history dating back to as many as 3 millennia. The Indian name of Withania somnifera is ‘Ashwagandha’ which literally means “the sweat of a horse” indicating that one who consumes it would have the strength and sexual virility of a horse. It is a powerful libido booster and enhances coordination between the brain and other sex organs. It’s the ideal herb for combating erectile problems like small penis size, impotency and low sperm count.

Chlorophytum arundinaceum:
Chlorophytum arundinaceum, commonly known as Safed Musli, is a highly effective herb for increasing male potency and improves sperm quality. It has been extensively used since thousands of years as an herbal male enhancement formula. Safed Musli is considered as a better alternative to Viagra. This herb has incredible power to boost testosterone and ensures overall penile health.

How should MAXDUDE pills be taken?
Take 2 capsules daily, for optimum sexual health
For every other information you have to contact your Doctor and Naturomeds.
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