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We truly believe that the giant leaps in medical science that we have taken over the course of the last century and the few years of this one, have left us ideally placed to draw greater benefits from the wealth of knowledge contained in the ancient scriptures and texts of the great civilizations of the past.

The high levels of accuracy of the diagnostic tools and techniques of the modern era can be used to complement the natural curative powers that reside in medicinal herbs and alternative medicines that have been in use in various parts of the world.

We believe in modern, scientific usage of nature repository of powerful herbs and natural cures.

The portfolio of herbal supplements and alternative medicine solutions and therapies available on Naturomeds are completely safe with no side effects.

Ayurveda and other alternative medicine experts have tapped into their extensive knowledge and the information in ancient texts and combined them with contemporary medical knowledge to come up with winning formulations.

Herbal supplements and aids help combat a number of chronic diseases like Arthritis, Asthma and Diabetes for which there is no known cure in conventional medical science.

A range of herbal products that offer progressive benefits also adorn this site.

You can choose from a range of well researched and tested herbal destressers, herbal memory enhancers, herbal energy boosters, immunity boosters and obesity control solutions.

- Hoodia appetite suppressant.
Original & pure Hoodia gordonii from South Africa. Hoodia pill kills the appetite and attacks obesity, contains a miracle molecule (up to 100,000 times more powerful than glucose) that fools the brain into believing you are full…
- Lyse XL weight loss.
Wonderful herbal product for obesity, without any side effect or contraindications. Pure safe herbal product which reduce fat deposits and increase fat metabolism and support all related systems and organs…
Penis enlargement- Maxdude penis enlargement.
- Mx Man penis enlargement.
Natural and safe way to permanent penis enlargement. Also gives rock hard erections and improves stamina too…
- XtraCum sperm enhancement.
Highly effective in promoting spermatogenesis and result up to 500% increase in sperm count and volume…
- Last-Longer premature ejaculation.
Last-Longer Xtra Time cure premature ejaculation and you find lasting 5-10 times longer. Orgasm and sexual performance enhancer…
- Erectus gel local rub for erectile dysfunction.
Right here is the gel for all those men who want to fight ED but do not want to consume any kind of pills. Erectus increases blood flow to penile tissues leading to rock solid erections with a soothing effect locally…
- Euphoria Pheromones Cologne female attractant.
Is a brand new formula that contains Human Sex Pheromones scientifically designed and proven to attract women...


- Euphoria Pheromones Perfume male attractant.

Is a brand new formula that contains Human Sex Pheromones scientifically designed and proven to attract men...

- Libup libido enhancer.
Libup is a non-hormonal and safe sexual stimulant, directly act on higher centre - the hypothalamus to improve mood and libido for great sexual performance…

Menopause aid- Menoaid menopause aid.

Timely ovulation- Ovusure timely ovulation.
- No-gasp anti asthnatic.
Reduces symptoms of asthma and breathlessness and improves stamina by optimizing the assimilation of oxygen into the blood stream…

anti hair loss- Profinast anti hairloss
A special combination of fine herbs, vitamins and nutrients. Profinast provides nutritional support right from the scalp to the hair root...

- Hangoff anti hangover.
Presenting a new safe herbal formula especially for people who love alcohol. Hangoff taken ahead of drinks prevent all symptoms of hangover, and the next morning you are all refreshed all the day!
- Zero Nico anti smoking.
An innovative stop smoking patch designed to help you give up smoking safely and naturally. Zero Nico offers you the most possible chance to finally kill the habit for good!
- Nervshield anti stress.
Nervshield is a safe herbal formulation designed to help battle anxiety and its after effects like excitement, maniacal behavior etc. Generally act on muscles as an anti stress agent and aid relaxation...
- Revive anti stress massage oil.
Revive works wonders when you are tired, stressed and over exhausted in your routines. Helps relieve strain, pain and associated inflammation, if any…
- Snooz for sound sleep.
A wonderful aid to insomnia. Snooz helps relieve anxiety and stress and aids high quality sleep…
- Cardiofit anti lipid lowering and cardiac protection.
Cardiofit is unique and rare combination of herbs to support entire circulatory system in heart, arteries, veins, the tissues and organs...
- Maxodent dental whitening strip.
Muscle building supplement- Muscomax muscle building supplement.

All products have gone through extensive safety tests to ensure that the herbs that have been used are the most pure and organic. All formulations are subject to extensive chromatographic tests to ensure bio equivalence so that each and every piece of medication bearing the Naturomeds brand has the same content as the sample on which trials have been conducted. We believe in providing solutions and not just products. 


Are these pills safe?
The natural herbal supplements are totally safe, with no side effects. If you have any serious health issues, review the ingredients with your doctor. Naturomeds supplies only top quality pills made from the highest quality ingredients, and produced by state of the art pharmaceutical manufacturers, under the strictest quality control standards, in compliance with WHO international guidelines.
Do you guarantee your product?
The pills come with a 100% money back guarantee! The formulations have been tested and proven to be effective, in multiple clinical studies. If you want a refund. send them back within 60 days . No questions asked.
Do you ship to my country?
The company ships worldwide including Canada, US, Japan, UK and Australia. The company ships our product in a discrete brown package that does not mention the contents of the shipment. These are herbal pills.
If I order today, when will I receive my package?
The company will dispatch your order within 24 hours of processing your payment transaction. Shipping, depending on your locale, take between 5-20 days for registered mail, or 3-6 days DHL/FEDEX although delivery times are typically shorter. Your order will be packaged discreetly for your privacy and protection. And sent from one of  international dispatch centers to get you your products as fast as possible. Although highly unlikely, if after 20 business days you have not received your package, please contact.
How can I order?
The company accepts all major credit cards. Ordering via our encrypted form is easy and safe.
->Hoodia 1 box 1 month supply US$ 54.95, 3 boxes 3 month supply US$ 139.95, 6 boxes 6 month supply US$ 219.95
->Lyse XL 90 capsules US$ 46.95, 180 capsules US$ 83.95, 360 capsules US$ 154.95, 720 capsules US$ 244.95
->Mx Man Extra-size 60 capsules (1 month supply) US$ 59.95, 180 capsules (3 month supply) US$ 139.95, 360 capsules (6 month supply) US$ 179.95, 540 capsules (9 month supply) US$ 299.95
->Last-Longer 60 capsules (1 month supply) US$ 59.95, 180 capsules (3 month supply) US$ 149.95, 360 capsules (6 month supply) US$ 249.95, 720 capsules (12 month supply) US$
->Erectus gel 1 tube da 25ml US$ 34.95, 2 tubes da 25ml US$ 59.95, 4 tubes da 25ml US$ 79.80
->Euphoria Pheromones Cologne 1 bottiglia da 30ml US$ 59.95, 2 bottiglie da 30ml US$ 95.95
->Libup 60 capsules (1 month supply) US$ 69.95, 120 capsules (2 month supply) US$ 119.95, 180 capsules (3 month supply) US$ 169.95, 360 capsules (6 month supply) US$
->Maxdude 60 capsules US$ 69.95, 180 capsules US$ 154.95, 360 capsules US$ 209.95
->Menoaid 60 pills US$ 29.95, 180 pills US$ 69.95, 360 pills US$ 139.95
->Muscomax 60 capsules (1 month) US$ 49.95, 120 capsules (2 months) US$ 84.95, 180 capsules (3 months) US$ 119.95, 300 capsules (5 months) US$ 184.95
->No-Gasp 60 capsules (1 month supply) US$ 59.95, 180 capsules (3 month supply) US$ 149, 360 capsules (6 month supply) US$ 249.95, 720 capsules (12 month supply) US$ 399.95
->Nervshield 60 capsules US$ 29.95, 120 capsules US$ 55.95, 180 capsules US$ 75.95, 360 capsules US$ 145.95
->Ovusure 60 pills US$ 29.95, 180 pills US$ 69.95, 360 pills US$ 139.95
->Profinast 60 capsules US$ 59.95, 120 capsules US$ 109.95, 180 capsules US$ 144.95, 360 capsules US$ 195.95
->Zero Nico 10 patches US$ 59.95, 30 patches US$ 119.95, 60 patches US$ 239.95
->Snooz 60 capsules US$ 29.95, 120 capsules US$ 55.95, 180 capsules US$ 75.95, 360 capsules US$ 145.95
->Cardiofit 60 capsules US$ 59.95, 180 capsules US$ 149.95, 360 capsules US$ 249.95, 720 capsules US$ 399.95
->Revive 1 box US$ 31.25, 3 boxes US$ 74.95, 5 boxes US$ 124.95
->Hangoff 6 pills US$ 29.95, 18 pills US$ 75.95, 36 pills US$ 109.95
->XtraCum 60 capsules US$ 60, 180 capsules US$ 160, 360 capsules US$ 279, 720 capsules US$ 429
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