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1 month supply 60 capsules

Last 5-10x longer. Increase sexual pleasure. Cure premature ejaculation.
What it does:

Last-Longer is a non prescription, 100% natural herbal supplement that cures premature ejaculation and is suitable for men of all ages.

How It works:

Last-Longer acts on the hypothalamatic sensors of the brain that regulate sexual excitement. By lowering the hyper activity of the sexual sensors, “Last-Longer” helps you to prolong the penetration time and delays of ejaculation by up to 20 mins.

Last-Longer has been very favorably reported by a large number researchers. The capsules contain indigenous ingredients of ancient reputed herbal drugs having salutary pharmacological action in spermatorrhoea, nocturnal emissions, masturbation and allied sex disorders. The constituents of Last-Longer tablets bring about powerful contraction of the seminal vesicle cutting up the afferent stimuli from the seminal vesicle and thus relieve spermatorrhoea. It tones up the system and improves the general vitality and acts as a restorative nervine tonic. It is not just a sedative and it does not diminish desire or sex interest as bromides, valerian and other tranquillizers usually do.


The usual dosage is 2 capsules daily for 6 months, and you should be permanently cured of the problem. Take the capsules 30 mins after food, with a large glass of water. Some patients may requires a repeat course. The effects from taking last longer are experienced within the 1st week. During the course, especially the first 3 months it is important to be very disciplined and not miss any dose.

Missed dose:

If you miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember. If it is near the time of the next dose, skip the missed dose and resume your usual dosing schedule.

Side effects:

Last-Longer has no known side effects. If you have any serious health concerns, or taking other medications, you should review the ingredients with your doctor.


Each tablet contains:

Salabmisri powder 78mg: i.e. Orchis Mascula is a genus of terrestrial orchids which yield the Salep of commerce. The tubers contain a bitter principle and a volatile oil. They are used as a farinaceous food, nervine tonic and aphrodisiac.

Kokilaksha powder 38mg: (Hygrophila spinosa) is a robust, erect, annual herb, with sub-quadrangular stem, thickened at nodes and yellow spines in leaf axis. It is used in disorders of the genitourinary system and is helpful in the cases of impotence, spermatorrhea and seminal debilities.

Vanya kahu powder 20mg: i.e. Lactuca scariola is an erect leafy plant, usually prickly towards the base. The seeds yield a greenish yellow, semidrying oil. They are used for coughs and as a decoction for insomnia. The seeds are also reported to possess hypnotic and antipyretic properties. And have been used by the chinese for centuries, to promote spertm production,

Suvarnavanga powder 20mg: i.e. Mosaic gold is an unsublimed tin preparation having a golden luster and flaky texture. It is useful in complaints of the reproductive organs. It is indicated as a rejuvenator and a tonic of high potency which induces health, vigor, improves appetite, increases memory, generates semen of high quality, cures gonorrhea, spermatorrhea, and leukorrhea. Suvarnavanga has been used as an aphrodisiac, brain tonic, antiemetic and in skin diseases, night sweats, diseases caused by the derangement of ‘vata’ and ‘kapha’. It improves the complexion. It also has anthelmintic property in addition to the above mentioned uses.

Vriddadaru extract 38mg: Argyreia speciosa is the root of this large climber is used as a substitute for the drug described under the name of 'Vriddhadaraka'. In Ayurveda, the root is regarded as alterative, tonic and useful in rheumatic affections and diseases of the nervous system. The root is bitter, aphrodisiac, diuretic and used in gonorrhoea, rheumatism and diseases of the nervous system. It is also used as a tonic in sex enhancement.

Gokshura extract 38mg: Tribulus terrestris is a well known diuretic plant drug useful in urolithiasis, dysurea, impotence and kidney dysfunction.

Jeevanti extract 38 mg: Leptadenia reticulata is the plant is stimulant and restorative and shows anti-bacterial activity against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.

Shaileyam extract 20mg: i.e. Parmelia perlata : The plant is astringent, bitter, acrid, cooling, anti-inflammatory and aphrodisiac. It is useful in sores, boils, inflammations, seminal weakness and amenorrhea.

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For every other information you have to contact your Doctor and Naturomeds.

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