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HairGenesis is a safe, natural formulation designed to combat the effects of Androgenic Alopecia, also known as Male Pattern Baldness. The formulation in HairGenesis works by blocking key androgen receptor sites in the hair follicle from damage caused by DHT. Thus the hair follicle is better able to produce a healthier and stronger hair. It is a excellent type of minoxidil solution, similar to Xandrox.

The active ingredients in HairGenesis are derived from naturally occurring nutritional substances, presenting no evidence of negative side effects or drug interactions whatsoever.

Every bottle is composed by 30 ml of product (1 fl. Oz).

HairGenesis™ Topical Activator Serum has also been dramatically improved. In a newly designed proprietary solution, HairGenesis™ Topical Activator Serum is bristling with a host of potent 5AR inhibitors, yet free from the negative side effects commonly associated with prescription medications. HairGenesis™ Topical Activator Serum is safe, effective, and now - even more powerful than ever before. It is also much more convenient to use. In fact, you only need to use HairGenesis™ Topical Activator Serum once a day in order to achieve desired results. Simply apply 1mL of serum to your affected scalp before bedtime. And each bottle contains a full 30mL - suitable for one complete month of use.

As an added benefit, both men and women may now use HairGenesis™ Topical Activator Serum in the exact same dosage and powerful level of concentration. And, as with every single HairGenesis™ product, your new Topical Activator Serum comes with a complete 6-month, money-back, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Here are some components: alcohol SDA-40, propylene glycol, deionized water,polysorbate-80, palmitoleic acid, oleic acid, isoceteth-20, hydrolyzed, mucopolysaccharides, beta-sitosterol, biotin, citric acid, inositol.

It is  also used 1 ml twice a day.

Excellent the component , alcohol SDA-40, hydrolyzed mucopolysaccharides,  and citric acid, moisturizing and protective agents of the scalp. The product is of notable quality and wins as quality-price Regaine 5: one year of treatment is notably less expensive. It is a excellent minoxidil solution.


HairGenesis™, a proprietary formulation of nutraceutically derived components, is an exquisite blend, combining the power of known anti-androgenic substances, with other synergistic elements into a powerful hairloss treatment regimen. The individual products comprising the HairGenesis™ treatment line have been created only after meticulous research into a large number of botanical substances purported to offer benefit in the battle against hairloss.

Hairgenesis hair revitalizing formulation

Hair revitalizing shampoo

Shown to inhibit DHT metabolism? NO YES YES
Naturally Derived? NO NO YES
Orally ingested? NO YES YES
Works Systemically? NO YES YES
Free from known potential side effects? NO NO YES
Suitable for both men and women? YES NO YES
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