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Propecia : oral Treatment for Male Pattern hair loss.

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Propecia it is the most used medicine for the treatment of the androgenetic baldness.
The  "baldness pill". Patient leaflet.

Please, see also Remox (hair regrowth product with minoxidil 12.5%, Retin-A ® (marchio registrato) 0.025% and hydrocortisone 0.01%), Promox (with topical finasteride), Revivogen, Hairloss (androgenetic alopecia) therapy and Top 5 hairloss treatments.

It inhibits the enzyme 5-alfa-reductase.

It is also used as treatment against the prostatic enlargement.

In U.S.A., in Italy and almost all over the world, finasteride has been approved for the treatment of male pattern baldness as Propecia prescription 1 mg for day.

Dr. Mary Sawaya says that Propecia is good medicine with a low incidence of collateral effects.

In some countries the price of Propecia has raised decidedly, compared with other countries of the world.

It doesn't act against the androgens, but selectively against the formation of the DHT, inhibiting the enzyme 5-alfa-reductase that  allows the transformation of the testosterone in DHT (toxic for the hair). A single tablet of Proscar decreases DHT's percentage in the blood of the 80%. The absorption is not influenced by food. The emi-life in blood is of around 6 hours.

The finasteride inhibits the type 2 of 5-alfa-reductase (not type 1).

Type 1 is primarily contained in sebaceus glands in a lot of zones of skin, included scalp and liver; type 2 is instead contained primarily in the prostate , seminal vesicles, epididimo, the hair's follicles, liver.

Type 1 is responsible of 1/3 of the whole circulating DHT while type 2 is responsible of the 2/3 and it is contained in the follicles, that's why the drug works well.

Clinical studies took two years to know that for men (more than 1800) ,aged form 18 and 41, Propecia is good for: maintaining and increasing hair count of 83%.

Such as all the synthetic medicines, they are not perfect medicines and the collateral effects are rare, while in other medicines  are   more frequent.

If you assume Roaccutane (isotretinoina) it can oppose the effect of Propecia.

It is dangerous for women in pregnancy, since it influences on the development of the fetus.

Women in fertile age don't have to assume the drug. On the other hand this can be assumed by women after menopause.

Propecia can influence (distort) an examination of the blood called PSA (antigen specific prostate).

Topical use seems  not effective, there are not studies that prove the effectiveness. Some studies has underlined systemic absorption of the finasteride topically applied, that induce to think that the also modest gotten results are due to the absorbed finasteride in body. The Merck would have certainly developed a topical lotion instead of a pill.

Combining finasteride and minoxidil the best results will be observed in quality, quantity and time.

So "Propecia + topical solution."

It is necessary however to consider to strike the androgenetic baldness with different anglings, therefore to act with a growth stimulator as the minoxidil and the different products SOD (that also act on the factor autoimmune) to get the maximum benefit in a shot time.

You can also read the chapter entitled “possible choices for the therapy”.

It is possible to prevent the body from accustoming to the action of the finasteride by assuming it every 3-4 months.

How to order propecia? Where is it possible to have the "baldness pill" low price ? With or without prescription ? Answers are also the fruit of our searches.

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