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Called superoxidedismutase too.

It makes a transformation (therefore a destruction) of the radical free superoxide O2- in other less harmful substances.

The superoxide is the principal precursor of many other free radicals.

It is not found in commerce as real SOD, SOD is an enzymatic mechanism and not a substance or a drug.

The greatest SOD expert  that I know  is Dr. Proctor. SOD is unstable and if itís assumed through a particular way it is completely inactivated by the digestion.

There are substances that mime the SOD effect, acting against the superoxide radical, that is one of the more harmful free radicals for the human organism.

Examples of these substances are  zinc and copper combined (Cu/Zn SOD), the so-called " copper-bindings  peptides" or the " prezatides   copper ", contained in products  as Proxiphen, Proxiphen-N, Tricomin, Folligen or Iamin gel (used to facilitate the recovery of the wounds and against the scorching).

Other SOD substances seem to be the vitamin C and the melatonine. SOD substances  are abundantly contained in the products of Dr. Proctor.

The superoxide radical  acts as messenger for the inflammation, etc. and as Dr. Proctor says, also for hairloss. It would be therefore a powerful   hair growth stimulator. For veterinary use there's a pharmaceutical form of SOD, denominated orgotein. It is used as powerful anti-inflammatory, named "Palosein". It is used for horses and dogs.

According to Dr. Proctor, the superoxide radical  O2- acts against other substances messenger as the nitroxides (NO) and "says" to hair to stop in growing and to fall.

Besides the superoxide (O2 -)  react with the NO to form toxic products, that damage the hair and the skin as the peroxynitrates.

According to Dr. Proctor, the androgens can increase the production of superoxide directly.

The SOD should act on the immunological factor of the male pattern baldness, interfering with the autommune reaction around the follicle.

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