Propecia, Proscar cut asunder or finasteride capsules 1mg prepared in the pharmacy?

Proscar is a medicine used for treating the prostate problems.

It is a Merck & Co.Inc. product. It is in boxes of 15 tablets of 5 mg every.

Every tablet contains 5mg of finasteride.

Propecia is a medicine used for the treatment of the androgenetic alopecia.

It is a Merck & Co.Inc. product. An enough box for one month it's bought at around the double of Proscar.

Which is difference between Proscar and Propecia?

Both is finasteride. The Proscar it's bought however around the half.

Besides a box of Proscar contains 75 mgs of finasteride, while a correspondent box of Propecia contains the half less than of it.

The other difference is the quantity of contained finasteride in every tablet: 5 mg in the Proscar and 1 mg in the Propecia. The quantity of 1 mg in the scientific studies has resulted ideal in the treatment of the androgenetic alopecia. Then to assume a tablet of Proscar, container 5 mg of finasteride, it is a negative choice from to consider.

It is possible to divide the tablet of Proscar in 5 pieces, through varied procedures.

This choice however introduces some problems.

The Proscar breaking in 5 parts could not result effective.

  • The piece of Proscar, after the division,  has exposed to the air: this exposure could damage the inside composition of the pill. You in fact   remember that the last piece of Proscar would be assumed four days after the division of the tablet.
  • The absorption of the broken tablet could result incorrect or incomplete. In fact the greatest part of the tablets assumed for oral way introduces a covering that has a lot of functions, one of which is to allow the absorption in some regions of the digestive apparatus rather than others.
  • The division in 5 parts of the tablet of Proscar has to bring every to 5 pieces of 1 exact mg to have the dose of 1 mg a day, ideal for the treatment of the androgenetic alopecia. It is difficult if not impossible to get this division in correct way, using manual or automatic methods.
  • The division of the tablet has to happen periodically. This to the long is boring.
  • Capsules of finasteride 1mg prepared  in the pharmacy
    Another possible chosen is to entrust to the chemist, after having gotten a medical recipe the preparation of the tablets of 1 mgs of finasteride.

    The same suggestions are valid for how much it concerns the minoxidil.

    You  choose a chemist of sure seriousness and specialized in this type of preparations.

    To make the preparation be signed in way that attest the quantity of ingredients pointed out.

    The chemist would have  suitable equipment as analytical electronic balances, etc.

    We cannot be 100% sure  that a tablet of prepared finasteride in the pharmacy has identical effectiveness of a tablet of Propecia.

    We would use finasteride 1mg prepared if we were 100% sure   of the same effectiveness of the original.

    Generally the eccipientis are also different.

    Would not be necessary to assume different 1mg quantity. This is the correct dose, studied and optimal. The greatest doses (for example resulted by the division of the Proscar),  could result negative.

    Mixing finasteride and other ingredients together is not enough to get a tablet effectiveness.

    Preparing a tablet of finasteride in improper way could produce a non effective product, not stable in the time, different from  that is really believed.

    This rule is valid for any type of preparation.

    The better solution, therefore,  is to choose preparatory specialized, original products or doctors of note fame and seriousness.

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