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vigor.jpg (4231 byte)Naturdieta Vigorbaby comes directly from the Naturdieta company's experience in developing ROBUR and testing it on several groups of people of all sorts ranging from Formula 1 racing drivers to Champions' League footballers, national ski team, cyclists, racing drivers in the Lancia and Alfa Romeo racing teams as well as "ordinary" people.
Naturdieta Vigorbaby has been studied specifically for children from 4 to 12 years old. It does not contain ginseng or guarana, so it supplies energy without being a stimulant or excitant.
It is very useful to overcome tiredness and listlessness during childhood and to ensure a precious support during growth.

Naturdieta Vigorbaby is a completely natural product made up of highly select ingredients like Honey, Royal Jelly, Pollen, Rosehips and Eleutherococcus. These elements all have a highly specific action and the advantage of being rapidly and easily assimilated, without burdening the digestive organs and bringing directly into circulation the precious substances contained, in order to supply an immediate boost of natural energy .

Naturdieta Vigorbaby is a natural supplement that can rapidly provide children with the necessary "fuel" to face with energy and zest all their daily schedules of activities, which nowadays are busier than ever - school, sports, extra activities etc.

Naturdieta Vigorbaby supplies the organism with a natural boost of pure energy through the simple and easily absorbed sugars in Honey, the energy-giving substances in Eleutherococcus and Royal Jelly, the Vitamin C in Rosehips, as well as minerals and carbohydrates in Pollen, and Vitamins A and E in Blueberries. All precious substances for the healthy growth of children.

Naturdieta Vigorbaby has been developed in paste form in order to keep all its nutritional properties intact; this also allows the ingredients to be cold-processed in order not to alter their values and characteristics. The paste form also gives the product a very nice and pleasant taste - it's like a "jam" with a sweet licorice taste to suit even the most "picky" eater - your children will love it!

Naturdieta Vigorbaby is particularly useful to children from 4 to 12 years of age, who need a particular energy supply both on a physical and mental level. The regular use of Naturdieta Vigorbaby gives a pleasant sensation of wellbeing and vigour. Its daily use removes any sensation of tiredness and listlessness; such effect is due to the richness in the vitaminic intake supplied by the product and manifests itself already a few days after starting, causing a positive stimulation of the metabolism.

We suggest taking 2 spoonfuls (with the 1gr plastic spoon provided) of the product in the morning on an empty stomach and if necessary another spoonful ten minutes before a particularly demanding activity (studying, sports, intense actitivities etc.) and especially in all cases of fatigue. Preferably let the product dissolve under the tongue for faster assimilation
The treatment must last at least 30 days, with a break of 15 days to resume taking the product again with the same doses for another 30 days.
The product can be taken in the above specified doses even throughout the year, but it is particulalry recommended in autumn and spring, when the change of season requires fresher energies..

Honey is a complex compound whose components are still under research - recent studies have discovered small quantities of new molecules and chemical substances, whose nutritive and pharmacological relevance is nonetheless considerable.
It contains sugars, proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. It is also rich in enzymes that play an active role in all of the body's metabolic reactions, speeding them up.
Composition -100 gr honey contain: water 17 gr, proteins 0,3 gr, fats 0,2 gr, sugars 79,5 gr, vitamin B, PP and C, pantotenic acid, minerals (calcium, iron, phosphorous, copper, potassium, manganese, sodium, sulfur, chlorine).
Royal Jelly is produced by the nurse bees' specific glands. It helps the body by stimulating natural defences and regulating appetite. It also has an anti-anaemic function. Scientific tests have proven its richness in elements necessary to life, such as B Complex vitamins (B1, B2, B6, B12, PP, H, folic acid), minerals (phosphorus, copper, iron, sulphur, selenium), unsaturated fatty acids, amino acids and hormonal substances.
Composition - 100 gr contain: proteins 48,2 gr, fats 10,4 gr, sugars 38,8 gr, group B vitamins, vitamin C and A, minerals, estrogen-like factors, antitoxic and antibiotic elements.


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