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Nicotrol Gum is a rebranded form of Nicorette. What does that mean? This means that it is the same gum as Nicorette, manufactured by the same company, but under a different brand.

Nicotrol is intended to help you, the smoker, give up smoking. It helps you to concentrate on breaking the habit of smoking, by reducing the unpleasant nicotine withdrawal effects you would normally experience when you stop smoking. It does not give as much satisfaction as a cigarette, and therefore, once you have overcome the smoking habit, it is not as difficult to give up Nicotrol.

Nicotrol Gum offers a great degree of flexibility to your NRT stop smoking programme. You can take a piece of gum whenever you most need it to alleviate the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. The chew and 'park' technique ensures that the nicotine in the gum is quickly transferred into your system. When you use Nicotrol Gum other people probably will not even know that you are not chewing standard gum.


Nicotrol Gum 2mg is recommended for those who smoke less than 20 cigarettes a day. The 4mg extra strength gum is recommended for those who smoke more that 20 cigarettes a day.

The strength of the chewing piece you should use depends on your own individual needs. It is however recommended that you begin treatment with the 2mg strength. If you find yourself using more than 15 pieces of the 2mg strength each day, you may wish to transfer to the 4mg strength. It is recommended that Nicorette is used for a period of three months before this gradual reduction is started. It is during this three-month period that the risk of failure is greatest.

CONTRA-INDICATIONS, WARNINGS ETC: Nicotrol should not be given to children. All forms of nicotine should be avoided in pregnancy. Smokers who wear dentures may find it hard to chew Nicotrol.

PRECAUTIONS: Patients with gastritis, peptic ulcer, angina or who have had coronary heart disease should discuss this with their doctor before using Nicotrol.

ADVERSE EFFECTS: Nicotrol in the dose recommended, has not been found to produce any serious adverse effects in healthy people. Nicotine from the gum can occasionally cause slight irritation of the throat at the start of the treatment, and may also cause increased salivation. Excessive swallowing of nicotine-containing saliva may cause hiccuping. Those with a tendency to indigestion may suffer initially may suffer from mild indigestion or heart burn, especially if the 4mg is used. Slower chewing and the use of the 2mg gum (if necessary more frequently) will usually help overcome problems such as throat irritation or hiccups.

NICOTROL PATCHES helps you to stop smoking and control your cravings by giving you a continued sustained effective dose of nicotine throughout the day. NICOTROL PATCHES are easy to use, simply put one on in the morning and take it off at bedtime. That way you get a constant low dose of nicotine delivered over a 16 hour period while you are awake and need it.

NICOTROL PATCHES should be applied to dry, hairless skin for example on your upper arm or hip. The patches are available in 3 strengths, 15mg, 10mg and 5mg with each box containing 7 patches. Initially start with the 15mg or high dose patches first then after 8 weeks, gradually reduce your intake by swapping to the middle dose patch, or 10mg. The middle dose patch should be used for a further 2 – 3 weeks after which time you should switch to the low dose patch, or 5mg. Once you have been using the low dose for 2 weeks, you should be able to stop using the patches completely.

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