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You can stop smoking with help from Nicorette.
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Why is it so hard to stop smoking?
Smoking is a learned habit that also involves addiction to nicotine. It is an extremely difficult habit to unlearn. You need to be prepared to put a lot of time and effort into learning new habits if you want to be a successful non-smoker.
Cigarettes are most addictive when they are used to relieve stress. Among all smokers, the smokers that have the most trouble giving up are people who smoke to relieve stress. If you are one of these smokers, it is a good idea to consult your doctor about other ways to relieve and reduce stress. You will need to use these other ways to reduce stress when you are giving up smoking.
Only you can give up smoking. Your willpower will determine your success. But this product can help you. The drug comes in gum and patches designed to help you stop smoking. This product is most effective when used together with smoking cessation counselling. It has been shown to double the effectiveness of such counselling programmes.

Nicorette Gum
This is chewing gum containing a nicotine resin. It can help smokers to give up smoking. Chewing Gum reduces the unpleasant effects of nicotine withdrawal normally experienced when you stop smoking cigarettes.
It does not give as much satisfaction as a cigarette, so once you have broken the smoking habit, it is usually not difficult to stop chewing. It comes in two strengths - 2 milligrams and 4 milligrams of nicotine resin per chewing gum square, and two flavours, regular or mint.  There are two sizes, either 30 or 105 pieces of gum per box.
How do I use Gum?
The strength of the chewing pieces you should use depends upon your own individual needs. It is however recommended that you begin treatment with the 2 mg strength. If you find yourself using more than 15 pieces of the 2mg strength each day, you may wish to transfer to the 4mg strength.
One fresh piece of product should be chewed slowly each time you feel the urge to smoke a cigarette. The gum has a peppery or mint flavour that should not be unpleasant to smokers. You should chew each piece slowly for 30 minutes to release all the nicotine from the gum.
Nicotine gets into your body straight through the lining of the mouth when you chew the piece of Nicorette. Swallowed nicotine is destroyed in the stomach and wasted.
Because of its nicotine content, if you chew the product too quickly you may get effects similar to those produced by smoking too much, such as nausea or throat irritation. If you carefully follow the instructions given below for the first day or two, you will train yourself to chew at the correct rate. This should provide the best supply of nicotine and avoid the effects of chewing too quickly. It may take a few days to get used to the taste, but persevere.
When you have completely overcome your desire for smoking, gradually reduce the number of pieces chewed per day. Do not attempt to stop using product completely until you are satisfied with one or two pieces a day. It is recommended that the product is used for a period of three months before this gradual reduction is started.
It is during this three month period that risk of failure is greatest. Remember to carry some Nicorette with you, even after you have stopped chewing completely, in case you feel the sudden urge to smoke again. Do not forget that one cigarette is enough to start you on the smoking habit again.
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Nicorette Inhaler 10mg
What does the product contain?
This product contains 10 mg nicotine (approx. 4 mg available), menthol and a porous polyethylene plug. The plug is packed in a tube. The tube is sealed with aluminium foil in both ends. Prior to use the tube is inserted into a mouthpiece and the seal is broken.
Package sizes:
Starter pack:  6 units in blister tray + mouthpiece + insert + plastic holder for mouthpiece and blister tray
Refill packs:  18 units in blister trays + mouthpiece + insert,  42 units in blister trays + mouthpiece + insert 
What is the drug used for?
The nicotine is used for the relieif of withdrawal symptoms when you stop smoking and prevents relapse to smoking.
How does the product work?
When you stop adding nicotine to your body you will get different kinds of uneasiness, so called abstinence symptoms by continuing to use a small amount of nicotine during a short period. Inhaler consists of a plastic tube with a plug loaded with nicotine and menthold as a flavour. The tube is inserted in a mouthpiece prior to use. Nicotine is vaporized and absorbed in the mouth when air is drawn through the Inhaler. Unlike cigarettes this product does not contain harmful tar and carbon monoxide.
When should the drug not be used? Hypersensitivity to nicotine or menthol.

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Nicorette Patches
How do this product Work?
This transdermal patches contain a nicotine gel which is slowly absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream. They are the only nicotine patches developed exclusively for use while you are awake.
They can help smokers to give up smoking. Patches reduce the unpleasant effects of nicotine withdrawal normally experienced when you stop smoking cigarettes.
Using a Patch does not give as much satisfaction as a cigarette, so once you have broken the smoking habit, it is usually not difficult to stop using the Patches.
In the morning when you get up, you apply the patch to your skin, usually on the hip, the upper arm, or the chest.
Over a 16-hour period, the patch will gradually release a total dose of 15mg of nicotine which is absorbed through the skin, into the bloodstream. You remove the patch before you go to bed, and this will help the body to rest at night.
The product come in three strengths -- 15 milligrams, 10 milligrams and  5 milligrams of nicotine per patch for slow release into your body over a 16 hour period.

If a patch comes loose and falls off, immediately apply a new patch in a different place and let it remain in place until bedtime. How do I phase out my use of Patches? After completing treatment with one 15mg patch each day for 3 months, you phase out your nicotine dependency in two stages. First, use the smaller 10mg/16 hour patch for 2-3 weeks, and then the smallest 5mg/16 hour patch for 2-3 weeks. 

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Is Nicorette safe?
Gum and Patches in the doses recommended have not been found to produce any serious adverse effects in healthy people.
Who should not use this product ?
The drug should not be given to children -- it must be kept out of their reach. Those with gastritis, peptic ulcer, angina or who have had coronary heart disease should discuss this with their doctor before using this product. All forms of nicotine should be avoided in pregnancy, as smoking should be.
Are there any side effects of using  Gum? Nicotine from the Gum can occasionally cause slight irritation of the throat at the start of the treatment, and may also cause increased salivation. Excessive swallowing of nicotine containing saliva may cause hiccuping.  Those with a tendency to indigestion may suffer initially from mild indigestion or heartburn, especially if the 4 mg Gum is used. Slower chewing and the use of 2 mg Gum (if necessary more frequently) will usually help overcome problems such as throat irritation or hiccups.  People who wear dentures may find it difficult to chew   Gum.
Are there any side effects of using Patches?
You may experience reddening and itching of the skin where the patch sits. This is usually slight and readily disappears. Swapping the place where you apply the patch each day is the best way to avoid this. If reddening persists, contact your doctor. If you continue to smoke while using your nicotine patches, the level of nicotine may be so high that you feel ill.

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