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We have a large amount of energy available but we often waste it in useless or self-destructive activities. Equilibrio con la Natura

We are never obliged to act in a certain way, but we choose every time to do it.

We never complain. We never blame any of our problems.

If we are complaining, we are claiming to be slaves at the mercy of others.

When we can fully assume our responsibility from then on we will have the power to decide our existence.

Every breath is a gift that is given to us.

Anything that happens in our life is because we wanted it and it is not anyone else's fault.

Any moment of our life is the fruit of many people and of infinite Nature.

We must thank those who help us, but also those who hinder us because they are offering us the opportunity to become stronger, more tenacious and patient.

We thank our ancestors and parents every day for allowing us to exist and the nature for the support it provides us without asking for anything in return.

We must keep our mind every day flexible and open to discovering something new every day, acquiring the precious habit of learning from our mistakes.

We must never create immutable certainties because the Universe is in constant transformation, but we remain capable of learning, especially from those who are different or think differently from us.

What we do not understand, which is infinitely more than we could understand, must remind us not to become foolishly arrogant.

Most people do not have a purpose in life, they live mechanically under the pressure of daily needs.

Yet we were not born by chance, nor were we born to be unhappy, but we were born to fully realize our potential.

Let's propose ourselves goals, real goals and not fantasies and let's make them real!

Let us gradually propose more and more demanding goals and realize them.

If the way we proceed is right and our lifestyle is adequate we can not fail.

Whatever goal we achieve, we do not remain attached to it, because in the Universe, sooner or later everything changes into its opposite.

We must always proceed in accordance with the flow of life and this will mean the realization of ourselves.

We always maintain a positive and enthusiastic attitude towards life and towards the goals that we propose.

The energy we set in motion with our thinking is very powerful and largely determines the course of events that concern us.

If we have a problem and can maintain a positive attitude towards it, we will be able to solve it first, as if we were guided and helped.

L'Uomo in equilibrio con la Natura

It is therefore important to always have confidence in ourselves: each of us is perfectly able to fulfill the purpose for which he was born and which represents his own path to happiness.

We also try to have a positive attitude towards people who hinder us and harm us, because this does not mean to suffer but simply not to be trapped in negative thought patterns, in front of the perfection of the infinite universe, we all make mistakes.

Thinking one way and acting in another, showing others a face that is not ours, hiding from ourselves our true motivations and those aspects of our character that we do not accept, make sure that a part of our personality works in opposition to another part and therefore large amounts of energy are continuously used to correct, hide or cover some of our behavior.

Given the great effort, although unaware that all this entails, the energy that remains at our disposal does not allow us to achieve anything truly significant.

We often waste a lot of energy on something wrong.

For example, the lie, is addressed to ourselves and to others, is an energy dispersive use and very self-destructive.

When our energy becomes more integrated, clean, without duplicity or excessive car allowance, it can flow freely towards the realization of our deepest nature.

Never try to impose our vision of the world.

Love that does not want to impose anything is an immensely powerful force.

The false love which in reality is only desire that others conform to our ideals is more harmful and suffocating than hatred.

Sometimes we lose a sense of humor or even the pleasure of living.

We will never be perfect, so it is better to accept our limits serenely and preserve the ability to smile at ourselves.

If we can develop a good level of health and energy, there will happen something curious: in the midst of the greatest difficulties, when you think that there has been thrust into some really serious situation, we will laugh....

We are actually something much bigger than our degree, our profession or our bank account.

It is important to find out who we really are, the reason why we decided to come to this world and enjoy the game of life by experimenting and learning according to our true nature, until the last day of our lives. And even beyond!

We live in the city, we drive cars, we have a computer in the palm of our hand, but our existence has its roots in Nature: as far as we can believe it is independent of it, without it we would instantly vanish.

We have come from Nature and we have developed into it for millions of years, until civilization has separated some of it.

We can only fully grow and realize ourselves if we understand the laws that regulate the functioning of nature and that are valid in any field of activity.

The order of Nature manifests itself through the incessant play of opposites: day and night, heat and cold, joy and pain, etc.

They are transformed incessantly into each other.

Because of this we are led to commit three important mistakes: the error of wanting only what we like and of refusing or avoiding what we do not like; the error of deluding ourselves that we can stop the continuous transformation of everything that exists; the error of acting for extremes.

Wanting to get only what we like, we neglect the fact that the pleasant and the unpleasant, or the opposites, are always present in every situation, even if one temporarily prevails over the other.

In Nature there are not only sunny days, without rain, nor flowers without roots, nor love without conflict.

What strikes in Nature is the overall harmony that all these elements together compose and their orderly manifestation.

The day does not become night in an instant nor winter becomes summer in one day: there is a flowing and harmonious transformation of everything.

We do not notice it any more, but we are part of the same universal order.

Nature and its dynamic balance.

La Natura e l'equilibrio con l'Uomo

In Nature there are not only sunny days, without rain, nor flowers without roots, nor love without conflict.

What strikes in Nature is the overall harmony that all these elements together compose and their orderly manifestation.

The day does not become night in an instant nor winter becomes summer in one day: there is a flowing and harmonious transformation of everything.

We do not notice it any more, but we are part of the same universal order and our life can express the same harmony.

Many of our problems arise precisely from having forgotten the order of Nature and its dynamic balance.

Because of this we are led to commit three important mistakes: the error of wanting only what we like and of refusing or avoiding what we do not like; the error of deluding ourselves that we can stop the continuous transformation of everything that exists; the error of acting for extremes.

Wanting to get only what we like, we neglect the fact that the pleasant and the unpleasant, or the opposites, are always present in every situation, even if one temporarily prevails over the other.

We are looking for the perfect partner, the perfect job, absolute safety, instead of enjoying what we have, appreciating the favorable sides and accepting the unfavorable ones.

In this way we escape the difficulties that would help us.

Always looking for what is comfortable, safe, pleasant, close at hand, we inevitably find ourselves facing the opposite.

If instead we get used to dealing with difficulties and discomforts, we automatically put ourselves in a position to have a pleasant result in return.

The second mistake makes us arrogant and unexpected when everything is fine and desperate and powerless when things go wrong, because we forget that everything changes all the time.

When we are healthy, when we have close friends, when life smiles at us, we must become more humble and have deep gratitude for what is given to us. In this way we can see the change that is coming when it is just starting and take the appropriate measures so as to avoid worse consequences.

When things are going well we should not stick to what we have achieved, because sooner or later we will lose it, what matters is only our ability to realize, to start from the beginning with enthusiasm, to always accept a new beginning.

Then, since everything changes, when you are at the height of despair, things can only improve: it is time to reflect deeply and sincerely on ourselves, without giving us alibis.

This is a very important moment: it is the most precious opportunity we have to get to know each other, to lay the foundations for our happiness.

Never despair.

As long as our pace is correct and we manage to be 100% honest with ourselves, we will always have the opportunity to solve any difficulty.

The third mistake that is often committed is what makes us bring situations to their limits, without realizing that they can not but turn into their opposite.

Our whole society lives on extremes: people undergo all kinds of stress, often necessary to live in an unnatural society, but other stresses are also the result of our lack of awareness.

Who obliges us to go to sleep late, subject ourselves to humiliation to pursue better economic conditions just to spend our money on useless things, to live in conflict with those close to us, to run forever throughout our lives without ever stopping at reflect what are the really important things for us?

Sooner or later these behaviors will give rise to a profound imbalance, which will bring with it sickness and difficulty of all sorts.

We must first of all rediscover the balance in the way of life, in relationships with others, in the way we feed ourselves, in the way we take care of ourselves.

Always being frantically active is as insane as the worst laziness.

We must not renounce our freedom but make it bigger.

However, we must be aware that every extreme behavior will turn into its opposite.

After having discovered it and then abandoned it, you will come back to appreciate again the balance, the normality, but you will do it with full satisfaction.

This happens when we have reached the point of remembering the true purpose of our life, the reason for which we have come into the world, the goal in front of which all temporary satisfactions take second place.

Live in a way that you can appreciate, do the work you like, stay with people who make you feel better and happier, develop the courage to risk and suffer to change your current life to another that is really the one that you want.Vivere nella Natura

Many people retain deep grievances towards others and towards life.

They are still tied to injustices suffered many years before, to conflicts with their parents, to frustration for not being able to make the choices they really wanted to do: they did not have the courage to live the life they wanted and they gave it their fault with others.

Here lies the heart of the problem.

It is very common for people to experience conflicts related to situations in the past.

This spiritual illness arises when the habit of blaming others for our problems has gone so far as to deeply affect our being: then a dull resentment takes over, a desire for revenge and damage to others and a total permeability to how much they can say to help us.

We do not want to change, we are not willing to discuss, because we are only convinced that the fault of what we live is of others or of destiny.

The fundamental trait of this spiritual illness is the lack of gratitude: these people do not feel gratitude to anyone, they no longer know how much they have received for their lives and how much they owe to others.

Gratitude is not any virtue, but the expression of energy that flows freely.

If your energy flows, you feel full of gratitude, sometimes you do not even know who to thank, and you are overwhelmed by how much is given to you every moment.

When the person has reached the state in which he is no longer in contact with himself and with others, but he now lives imprisoned in a personal hell of illusions (and society considers these people normal), he has reached the rank higher than illness, which can be defined as arrogance, isolation, exclusivism, selfishness, aridity or simply lack of gratitude.

At this point every perception of ourselves, of the Nature that surrounds us and of the subtle spiritual world, is lost, together with the ability to learn from the experiences of life.

The strongest people become aggressive towards their neighbors, dominatrixes, stubborn, the weaker ones are constantly self-perpetuating, they say there is no more hope for them, they continually seek comfort and support from others, not to really do something for themselves , but only to continue their self-destructive game.

Many people combine these two trends, which alternate from one day to another, and sometimes at any moment.

Each of us is ill more or less severely ill with this disease, but as long as there is the ability to recognize and admit it, there is also the ability to heal it.

Spiritual healing, the recovery of the ability to feel gratitude and to express love and a feeling of peace towards all is the most important thing.

In any case, this physical body we will have to abandon it sooner or later!

The state of spiritual health in which we are at the moment of abandoning it would determine the future of our infinite journey between life and death.

We need to throw the seed of gratitude into ourselves and cultivate it day by day: that seedling that seems so fragile is actually the core of our greatest strength, the one that will allow us to move forward and grow in every difficulty.

We must consider everything, the food we cook, the objects we use, the environment in which we live and the people we come into contact with, as a perfect expression of the marvelous order of Nature.

We do not treat anything superficially or destructively, because everything is an expression of wonderful nature or the divine.

Learning how to use our energy productively is fundamental to everything.

If you have a grudge against someone who has hurt you in the past, if you are still regretting that you have done something wrong, if you still suffer from a choice that you had to do and did not have the courage to do, you can not live the present nor plan the future.

Greet (in your heart) that dear person of whom you still feel the lack, thank her for what she has given you and let her go: say goodbye.

Speak in your heart, with that person who made you suffer, tell her that you understand her, that you accept her to the end and that she can go on her way.

That situation or that person has had their time and now you can say goodbye to them.

Do not bring them back: it's time to go.

You are free to create your life as you wish from now on.

Return every day, in your heart, in that painful situation, relive it as often as necessary, until you feel it no longer hurts you.

Accept and let go.

From this simple practice an enormous amount of energy is released, provided you have the courage to face the pain and persevere in spite of the first difficulties.

Instead of making resistance, of wasting energy in ruminations, quarrels and conflicts, instead of despairing or discouraging you, once you have realized the silence within you, try to see that person as a manifestation of the perfect order of Nature.

Accept it deeply without reserve.

Accept to find yourself living that unpleasant situation, living it to the end without judging it and without resistance: clearly understand that if you find yourself in that situation, it is because she is the only one who can really help you grow even now, even if you do not you still know how.

Understand thoroughly and realize this truth: you are exactly where you need to be.

Your condition is one that reflects exactly what you are at this precise moment.

What you live is what you are.

Vita NaturaleIf you fully accept it serenely and without discouraging you, it will be very simple to turn your situation into a better one.

If you resist, it will be very difficult.

You will want to rebel at the beginning.

But at some point something inside of you will unlock and acceptance will come.

Then even that person who opposes it will change "inexplicably" attitude towards you and opens up a possibility for dialogue.

That negative situation that seemed unbearable is unblocking and new possibilities are beginning to present themselves.

Accepting does not mean to suffer, it does not mean doing nothing to change your life.

On the contrary, if we accept reality without reserve, we generate a great force, able to change the course of events.

We create our future with the choices we make every day, with our activity, but also with our thinking.

The creative vision of the future is a powerful spiritual energy.

If you want to make your dream come true, sit back and calm your mind.

So put in your mind the goal to be achieved.

Build it with your imagination, you must see it in detail, clearly, feel it deeply.

When the image is perfectly clear, feel as if your goal was already achieved: you have to experience the emotions and sensations you would feel in having actually achieved it.

Keep in touch with that vision and experience as long as you wish, then let it vanish.

Do it every day.

You will see that the energy of your life will begin to flow in that direction, facts will come that "by chance" will allow you to move towards the realization of your dream.

Of course it is superfluous to say that it is also necessary that you actively take all the steps in your power to concretely realize the purpose you have chosen, but in this way you will be able to creatively use your spiritual energy as well.

Past, present, future: as human beings, we experience the reality divided into these three moments, but our awareness can flow unimpeded and creatively from one to another.

So we learn to recover our freedom and use it for the realization of ourselves and the happiness of those around us.

Giuseppe W Pellegrino

Look deep into Nature, and then you will understand everything better (Albert Einstein)

Nature always wears the colors of the spirit  (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Every flower is a soul blossoming in Nature (Gerard De Nerval)

In every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks (John Muir)

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine (Anthony J. D'Angelo)

Just living is not enough... one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower (Hans Christian Andersen)

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