Women, wake up !




 Dr. Walter  Pierpaoli, M.D.  Ph. D.


      Who is afraid of melatonin ?  Since the publication in New York in August 1995 of the American bestseller « The Melatonin Miracle » (Simon and Schuster, 1995, authors W. Pierpaoli and W. Regelson  with Carol Colman), now translated into 17 different languages, an  oppressive air of  suspicion  and conspirational silence descended  in old  Europe upon the word « melatonin », only broken from time to time by isolated  flashes of light, which in turn are immediately clouded by untimely,  clumsy, overhusty  interventions  of the « insiders » of the press and television. In fact, the simple and clear  scientific reality of the matter is not to be classed with day-to-day  « disposable  products ».  It  took millions of years for  Mother Nature to elaborate its logical strategy,  which we are only  now starting  to perceive and  interpret. Few people  read and try to learn and  understand  before opening their mouth,  particularly newsmen and  reporters. They must produce an inexhaustible supply of exciting news daily, while Mother Nature, fortunately for us, does not measure  time or regard  fashions. As my mother, a woman of  central Italy, used to say : « They open their mouth and  give out breath ! ». She was referring to politicians and their  mental and personal deficiencies.                                              

      The basic question is : « Why do we age ? » The answer is  simple to the point that it sounds provocative and  strange, and for many of my colleagues outrageous, as did the straightforward  observation of Galileo to the  Fathers of the Catholic Church  in the Vatican: «And yet (the earth)  it  moves ! ».  We age in a way similar to that in which we grow !  But then, what is melatonin needed for ? It inhibits aging . Why ? Simply  because it prevents aging of the remarkable « switchyard » in the pineal gland (which truly is not a typical gland !).  Nocturnal  administration of melatonin prevents the pineal from deteriorating, from  decaying into a heap of  scrap, and thus from becoming unsuitable to deliver the precise signals which regulate the natural rhythms of day and night. These precise messages  keep us constantly synchronized, through the hormonal system, with the environment in which we live. If and when we stray this natural pathway, we develop diseases and age more rapidly. The so-called reality of the world in which we live escapes our sensorial and  psychological consciousness simply because we are an integrant part of it ! We navigate in a dimension whose nature and boundaries  we ignore. Our  only reference marks are the rhythms scanned by day, night and seasons. It would be like asking a fish to describe air, or a bird to say what life in the water looks like.

      But is not melatonin a true hormone? No.   Can it produce damage ? No, melatonin is produced and secreted by different tissues and organs, but at night only by the pineal gland. Even at huge dosages and for very long periods, melatonin is totally harmless. Well documented  data for this exist, but they are never mentioned ! However, a few  (at most 3) milligrams of melatonin suffice to put the pineal  at  "night rest »  and thus to protect the pineal, our hormonal switchboard center, from aging !  If the pineal does not age, we cannot possibly age or  at least the aging process will never  again be as we have seen and experienced it until now.

Why Do I Address  Women ?   

      I wish to speak to women because they are more adaptable and flexible and thus rightly live longer. They read more and are able to ponder  what they hear and read. They are the vehicles of family peace and serenity, the true basis of our daily life.  They have endured the dominance of men for millennia, and can thus better help destroy  a world of ignorance, lies and egoism. For this reason, two years ago  we started a long, expensive, wearisome and unannounced investigation under the guidance of Dr. Giulio Bellipanni and his co-worker Pierluigi Bianchi at the Menopause Center of the « Madonna delle Grazie » Clinic in Velletri near Rome,  using  accepted  strict scientific criteria,  aimed at answering the most obvious and urgent  question concerning the  aging of women : What is menopause ? Can it be prevented, delayed or modified ?  If melatonin is able to decelerate or even to stop aging, what more suitable model is there  than menopause ?  We now have the answer, and it is  extremely convincing.

      Our  findings have been elaborated  and are now in press.  Nocturnal melatonin alone can deeply modify the hormonal and psychosomatic conditions in the perimenopausal years, which can extend from 40 to 60 years of age. Here we do not anticipate what will be published in official scientific journals, but  only wish here to inform women about it  in order to alleviate the countless problems  they face daily  in family and society.  Menopause is simply the end of  the          hormonal «fertility program » of women, but  this program is perfectly amenable to  modification. It is not true that  « the ovaries  are depleted » !  They simply atrophy according to their

« genetic program ». But the expression of that program is purely hormonal,  and we can restore the juvenile hormonal control of the ovaries. Certainly  conditions of the juvenility and health of women are linked to maintenance of a juvenile hormonal status, which can be obtained with nocturnal melatonin administration.  In perimenopausal women, melatonin  in the most striking fashion reconstitutes the juvenile hormonal conditions and produces a rapid regression of all the neurovegetative and psychic alterations  of menopause, in particular the states of nervousness, anxiety and depression.  In addition, we can now address the issue of an impressive combination of melatonin with zinc. Zinc is a basic mineral in the body and  essential for the function  of over 200 enzymes that are  fundamental for the  respiration of all cells in the body. The combination of melatonin and zinc dramatically accelerates the effects of melatonin and boosts a depressed  immunity. This is all documented.   The answer to our queries is clear, simple and strictly scientific. Nocturnal administration of melatonin can resynchronize the entire hormonal system  and, by protecting the pineal from aging, can maintain the juvenility of the pineal   and its capacity to synthesize other very remarkable molecules. We found one of these molecules, TRH (thyrotropin releasing hormone), but it must be studied in detail before being used. (We found it 10 years ago, but it is not yet ready for use). At the present time only melatonin is available, which is  better if associated with zinc, according to our studies This is all published in excellent scientific journals. Nothing is casual and extemporized !

      Enough of trivial reservations regarding jet-lag and sleep, together with  threats of « hormonal side-effects » : Melatonin is, as I said recently in a BBC interview in London,  a « gift of God » and can harm only those who do not take it.  People (especially women)  are now able to appreciate what  hormonal and metabolic aging means, and thus  also to prevent it. All others, let them wait to have « youth genes » inserted! At present, , 3 milligrams of melatonin and zinc are sufficient for me and  all those dear to me  before switching off the light and  sinking into  refreshing sleep….. Who is right?  We shall see in a few years !