Minoxidil prepared in the pharmacy?

In the pharmacy it is possible to ask the preparation of a solution minoxidil 5% for topical use.

My first minoxidil solution ha been a minoxidil 2% solution, acquired in the pharmacy, then I have opted for the minoxidil 5%, prepared by the chemist for great convenience, therefore I have chosen the original minoxidil again (type Rogaine or Regaine) and I'm  satisfied.

I have made this choice after a long experience.

I remember that the first time I went to the chemist with the recipe of the physician "solution minoxidil 5% topical use", the day after I have brought the solution at home.

I read the composition written on the bottle: 10% alcohol etilico, 10% glicole propilenico, 5% minoxidil sulfate, q.b. to 100 ml deionized water !

I had not satisfied of my acquisition, the ingredients were not equal to those of the original minoxidil and probably insufficient for a penetration to topical use. The other components besides the minoxidil are essential for the integrity of the same solution and don't influence ability of penetration, etc.

Rule, is necessary to choose a specialized chemist in this type of preparations before and to bring to him a detailed recipe, with all the quantities of ingredients and the type of minoxidil. Besides ask a signature.The chemist would have to have suitable equipment as analytical electronic balances, etc.

It is important therefore the chemist seriousness and competence  for have a good solution.

An optimal solution would be to observe the preparation of the chemist or to contact a person of qualified knowledge and equipped to prepare the solution.

Another problem is the complexity of the preparation, easy for the solution minoxidil, more complicated for the preparation to es. of minoxidil+tretinoin, minoxidil+spironolactone, etc.

I remember the period of irritation that I had using a minoxidil+tretinoin solution bad prepared.

Other problem is in the procedure of preparation.

Ok, on the bottle of the Rogaine extra strenghts Upjohn, is written minoxidil 5%, alcohol 30%, glicole propilenico 50% and purified water, but mixing minoxidil and other ingredients together is not enough to get a correct solution.

The minoxidil 5% to example could have produced in solution, to a certain temperature, combining a some chemical component with another, in presence of a certain gas, etc.

Then preparing a solution in improper way could produce a non effective product, not stable in the time, different of the believed.

This rule is valid for any type of preparation.

We would use all solutions minoxidil prepared   if we were sure at 100% of the same effectiveness of the original.

The better solution, therefore seem  to choose preparatory specialized, original products or doctors of note fame and seriousness.

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