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Melancor including gray hair vitamin and gray hair shampoo is the result of years of scientific research and development. It is a blend of thousands of years of oriental medicine theory combined with modern western medical breakthrough and technology into one tablet taken twice a day.


       Serving Size: 1 capsule

     Servings per container: 60                                                   
75mg (8% DRV)
Vitamin B2
12mg (710% DRV)
Vitamin B6
12mg (600% DRV)
Vitamin B12
50mcg (830% DRV)
Folic Acid
200mcg (50% DRV)
250mcg (80% DRV)
Pantothenic Acid
100mg (1000% DRV)
75mcg (50% DRV)
20mg (130% DRV)
Proprietary Blend containing:
Collagen II
Melancor Does Not Contain Animal Products, Sugar, Lactose, Stearic Acid, Gluten, Allergenic Yeasts, Artificial Colors, Flavors, Iron, Sweeteners, Preservatives.
Direction: Take one capsule by mouth preferably after meals as directed, twice daily. Swallow the capsule whole. Do not crush or chew the capsule, and do not take more than directed.

Melancor and its patent-protected core compound, Melancor-NH is the result of years of research and development. Melancor is an essentially a blend of thousands of years of tradition combined in one tablet taken twice a day. We have conducted successful tests throughout Europe, China and U.S. Melancor scientists are known around the world with regard to their research and recognized for their breakthrough developments in hair restoration and hair color restoration. Melancor-NH is backed by clinical trials documenting its ability to visibly revive dead hair cells, poor pigments and discoloration of gray hair strands due to environment, aging, genetics and premature gray

Melancor-NH is now available in the United States without a prescription. With so many years invested by some of the best and brightest minds in the world, the success of Melancor-NH as an anti-gray solution was “imminent” says Dr. Michael Blair, spokesperson for Melancor.

Most people resort to messy coloring solutions in order to cover up gray hairs. There is no need to spend another day worrying about getting old or where your next gray hair will appear.

Graying usually starts in 30s and gradually increases over the next several years. When our bodies are functioning well, cells in our hair follicles called Melanocytes generate pigments -- the chief one being Melanin. When the Melanocytes stop producing these pigments, we sprout a transparent hair, which appears as an unsightly gray due to the color of the dead cells that comprise the strand.

Why does this happen? The most common reason is heredity; premature gray hair is yet another thing we can blame on our parents. But there are also several medical conditions characterized by graying of the hair. A B-12 deficiency, a thyroid imbalance, and anemia can all cause premature gray hair. And if you needed yet another reason to quit smoking, there is new evidence that smokers are four times more likely to go gray at a young age.

The common belief that psychological shock or trauma can turn hair gray overnight is cause for a fair amount of controversy. While some people claim such an occurrence, our scientists question the actual time frame involved.

Hair typically turns gray as a result of the natural aging process. The pigment in the hair shaft comes from cells at the base (root) of the hair. These cells are genetically programmed to make a certain amount of pigment (Melanin) starting at a specific age. At some point in the aging process, these cells start to make less pigment until the hair has little pigment at all. A white hair has no pigment, and a gray hair has some pigment but not as much as red or brown hair. Melancor works to revitalize these dead cells that compromise hair strands.

Until now, you could not prevent or successfully treat gray hair without the use of temporary hair coloring.

Melancor works in two ways at the pigment level to prevent and treat gray hair while revitalizing dead hair strands to produce natural hair color. Hair color is produced by a variety of human pigments, most notably, Melanin. Melanin is produced by melanocytes that are found within the layers of the hair follicle. When hair is produced by the reproduction of the epithelial cells comprising the follicle, newly produced Melanin accumulates in the cells and colors the hair itself as it emerges from the follicle. Melancor-NH proprietary blend uses a Melanin producing formula to generate Melanin throughout the body. Melancor-NH also stops male pattern baldness by blocking increased levels of DHT. DHT is one of the hormones that is responsible for male development in the early stages, and is a major contributor in hair loss, as men get older. DHT shrinks the hair follicle until it no longer produces visible hair. By blocking DHT hair loss is stopped and the hair growth process is restored again.

People with gray hair make little or no Melanin and, therefore, the hair is virtually transparent and we see the color of the dead cells comprising the hair. There are several reasons for gray hair and these vary by one's age. This breakthrough product works to identify dead pigments and hair cells throughout the body. This includes head and any facial hair. Men and women around the world are regaining youth and shaving years from their apperance.

Melancor works in the same natural way as the body. Not all hair strands respond in the same way or at the same time. So the graying process is usually is gradual one. The results of Melancor vary in men and women and usually works within 3 – 6 months.

Melancor-NH is the only gray hair compound designed to help you overcome genetic and natural aging links to gray hair and baldness in both men and women. Melancor works in four dynamic ways:

First: If you suffer from premature gray, you have a genetically based tendency to produce less melanin as body pigments. Melancor-NH naturally triggers Melanocytes which helps overcome this tendency by effectively increasing your body’s ability to produce melanin pigments.

Second: Melancor-NH dramatically interferes with the levels of DHT. DHT shrinks the hair follicle until it no longer produces visible hair. By blocking DHT hair loss is stopped and the hair growth is restored again.

Third: Melancor-NH exerts a profound “Melanocytes” action — it “mobilizes” stored melanin, moving it out of the hair cell and thereby increasing the number and size of the hair strands and pigments in your natural hair color.
Fourth: Unlike ordinary pills that lose their effectiveness in a short period of time, the uniquely processed, patented compounds that make up the Melancor-NH formula provide sustained reinforcement required to successfully overcome the genetic factors and aging responsible for gray hair and baldness.
In short, Melancor-NH is a breakthrough for those who significantly suffer from gray hair because Melancor-NH aids in the defeat of destructive genetic and environmental influences on the cellular regulation and restoration. In other words, Melancor-NH takes away “pre-programmed genetic failures” that causes gray hair and baldness.
Q: What causes gray hair?
A: Hair is made of protein containing a natural coloring substance called melanin (pronounced mel-a-nin). Melanin is the same no matter what color your hair is or regardless if you are male or female. Different hair colors are the result of different amounts of melanin--dark brown or black hair simply has more melanin than light brown or blond hair. In time, as melanin decreases, gray hair appears. Most people get a few scattered gray hairs first. The gray becomes more predominant, particularly at sideburns or temples. When there's no melanin, hair becomes white.
Q: How does Melancor Natural Formula work?
A: Melancor works with the hair's natural chemistry to produce a similar-acting pigment where the melanin used to be. It combines new melanin with the hair's protein inside the hair to gradually "reverse" the graying process and bring back natural looking color. Melancor-NH has been clinically proven to effectively work with a 78% success rate in both men and women.
Q: How soon will I see results?
A: Melancor works so gradually, you may not see a color change or new growth for several weeks. Scattered gray may take longer. Solid gray areas may change sooner. However, nine to twelve months is the best indicator. Hair grows slowly ½ inch a month. Thus, it will take some time before you can determine how well Melancor-NH is working for you. If you see no results after only one month of use, that does not mean Melancor-NH is not going to work for you. How your hair is responding to Melancor-NH after 6-12 months of continual use is the best indicator of how it will continue to respond. If after 6-12 months you are having good results, you should continue to get good results. If you have had little or no improvement after 6-12 months, you will probably continue to notice little or only minimal results and should consider not taking Melancor-NH anymore.
Q: IS Melancor-NH FDA Approved?
A: Because of its safe and effective all natural component, Melancor-NH is not required to have FDA approval. However, Melancor scientists have developed a patent pending dosage that is currently in the latter phases of the FDA approval process.
Q: Can I speed up the results?
A: No. The gradual action is built in and varies by hair strands and cells. Neither more product use nor more frequent use will accelerate the process. Please use only as directed.
Q: What about my beard or mustache?
A: .Yes. Melancor works on facial hair, including mustaches, beards, sideburns, eyelashes or eyebrows. However, studies show that the results are not as fast and may take longer to get noticeable results.
Q: Will swimming affect the color?
A: Melancor is not a hair coloring solution, unlike these products; Melancor works internally to naturally reverse the problem. Thus, swimming will not affect the progress.
Q: How long will my natural color stay in if I stop using Melancor?
A: Results vary; and range anywhere from 6 – 12 months. However, your hair may lighten slowly over several months, and then gradually, unnoticeably, become gray once again. For best results, use this product only as directed.
Q: Why do you need to use Melancor for three to six months before seeing results?
A: You did not become gray overnight. The most safe and effective way to treat your gray is by gradually reversing the process. Melancor-NH works gradually to rebuild dead hair strands and cells. Results will vary by individual.

If your hair is graying, it's because the hair pigment in your scalp have been weakening for years. That's where Melancor works — inside your scalp — to revitalize hair strands and stimulate natural hair growth to rebuild dead cells. That's also why it is recommended that you continue use for at least six months. If you use Melancor twice a day, every day, you should see results within six months, and often more sooner.

Q: How should I use the product and are there any side effects?
This composite contains an melanin and growth formula used to revitalize dead hair cells and strands which cause gray hair and hair loss or the appearance of old age due to gray and thinning hair.


Take one capsule by mouth preferably after meals as directed, twice daily. Swallow the capsule whole. Do not crush or chew the capsule, and do not take more than directed.

During clinical studies, 98% of users reported NO SIDE EFFECTS. However, 2% of users reported nausea, or headache. Discontinue use if nausea or headaches occur.  If these symptoms persist notify your doctor promptly.

Melancor-NH is a natural safe and effective proprietary formula that can be taken with other products such as prescriptions, supplements, vitamins, etc. Consult your pharmacist or physician if you have a pre-existing condition or are taking medication.

If you miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember. If it is near the time of the next dose, skip the missed dose and resume your usual dosage schedule. Do not "double-up" the dose to catch up.


Store at room temperature between 59 and 86 degrees F (15-30 degrees C) away from light and moisture. Keep this and all medications out of the reach of children.

Remember, individual results with Melancor vary, although most men and women respond to its use within nine months. You may get faster results if you have been graying for a shorter period of time or have little gray hair. For the best results, be sure to use only as directed.

Q: Is there a Money Back Guarantee?
A: One month purchase is guaranteed for one month from purchase. Two month purchase is guaranteed for two months from purchase. Three and six month purchase is guaranteed for up to three months from purchase date. Any opened or unopened bottles after 30 days from purchase will be charged a 25% restocking fee of entire purchase price. In order to receive your refund, you MUST follow Melancor instruction, fail to follow instruction will void the guarantee.
Q: Can hair dye or color treatments be used while taking Melancor?
A: Melancor works at the pigment level to naturally treat gray hair and it can also be used in conjunction with hair dye until you achieve your desired results. In fact, thousands of customers have chosen to dye their hair during the Melancor treatment period.
Q: Are there any negative interactions with other products?
A: Melancor is completely natural and safe. Melancor is tested effective with no negative interactions. Thus, you may continue taking other products should you desire with no side effects due to prolong use.
Q: Does Melancor cause hair growth on other body parts?
A: Melancor is and all-natural proprietary blend of nutrients and herbs that work together to stimulate hair follicles in men and women with no side effects. The product does not increase body hair or alter the effects of body hair. The product only works at the pigment level of the scalp to treat gray and thinning hair follicles.
Q: Can I use Melancor if I am pregnant or nursing?
A: Although Melancor is all natural and proven safe and effective, women who are pregnant, nursing and / or trying to conceive should consult their physician prior to taking this and any supplements or medication. As there may be other health factors your physician needs to consider for you.
Q: Is Melancor suitable for use by Vegetarians?
A: Melancor is quite effective and suitable for vegetarians whom wish to treat their gray or thinning hair naturally. In fact, the product is currently being used by thousands of vegetarians around the world with success. The product is blended into clear gel capsule comprised of all-natural ingredients with no preservatives or animal products. Thus, there are no non-vegetarian components within the product.
Q: What are the Ingredients?
A: Active Ingredients : Proprietary Blend of Bromelain, Thailam, Collagen (Type II), Biotin, PABA (Para-Aminobenzoic Acid), Pantothenic Acid (d-Calcium Pntothenate), Choline (Bitartrate), Methionine (Zinc Monomethionine), Inositol
Melancor Does Not Contain Animal Products, Sugar, Lactose, Stearic Acid, Gluten, Allergenic Yeasts, Artificial Colors,  Flavors, Iron, Sweeteners, Preservatives.
Q: Do I have to take the product forever?
A: Once you have achieved your desired results using Melancor, the results can last up to one year after use discontinues or stops taking the product. You can resume taking the product as the hair returns to gray or hair loss reoccurs to maintain the achieved results of Melancor. Once you have achieved your desired results, you may also reduce dosage to one pill a day. Melancor is an all natural internal treatment and should be used only as directed.
Q: Will Melancor work for me?
A: Melancor does not work for everyone. However, clinically proven and globally demonstrated, the product enjoys a 78% success rate in treating thin and gray hair in both men and women. Treatment is gradual and varies by individual from six to twelve months. Noticeable results of the treatment are usually achieved within nine months.
Success Stories
I Have been taking Melancor-NH three months now and I just wanted to let you know that I have experienced substantial reduction of my gray hair. My co-workers have noticed the difference and really want to know what I am doing new. The color is dark and the texture is rich and full. This is my second order and I am ordering a six month supply just to be safe. Thank You!!" -Cathy P.    London, England
I am 34 years old and I have been using hair color on my premature gray hair since I was 25. It feels so good to finally look my age. No more gray!! I was glad to hear about the investments you are making in more research and development. However, I can’t imagine anything any better…”
"My husband James has had profound results with your product. He has been using Melancor-NH every since we visited Europe last year. We are very please with his continual hair growth and new natural color. Friends of ours were visiting from Chicago recently and asked if he was coloring his hair and wearing a hair peace. That was what impressed me to start using Melancor-NH last month for my scattered gray."
“I was seriously running out of options and I have spent hundreds of dollars on hair coloring. It’s been 9 months since I started using Melancor and I am getting more attention than I have gotten in over ten years.”
I hope you guys read this. This stuff is just great! Now I understand why you offer a 100% guarantee. It really works!! I am 62 years old and my gray hair is literally gone. I’m getting re-married in two months. Thank You Very Much Melancor…”
“My beautician said that she has never in the ten years of doing my hair have seen it to be as black as it has become since I've been taking melancor-nh. She started using melancor last week and this is my third order” -Linda C.
My wife and I started using Melancor about just over 6 months ago and we can not get enough of the compliments and attention. Family and friends tell us the look 10 years younger. Let's just say that we are both very happy with your product..."
“I was loosing hair fast. I used other products with no results or negative side effects. Finally I tried your product for my receding hair line as directed and got little results after 3 months of use. After 8 months, I am very please to let you know that my hair loss has stopped and I am growing my natural hair! There is so much more you can say about your product. I look and feel great. Thank your doctors for me.”- Luan G.
“Beaucoup de mercis. Je suis heureux que vous des types ayez figure ceci dehors. J'avais attendu quelque chose comme ceci pendant les années qui ont fonctionné reellement. Le gris prematuré a ete un probleme pour moi depuis mon debut des annees '20. ” Jean-Loup     M. Paris, France
"I was extremely self conscious about my gray hair and worried constantly. The chemicals in hair colors had begun to irritate my scalp. I asked my doctor what he used to treat his gray hair and he told me about Melancor. He told me the best part was that it was all-natural with no negative side effects. Thanks to Melancor-NH, I no longer have to use color treatments or chemicals.”- Cynthia W. Silver Springs,
“Gracias Melancor. He intentado todo para mi pelo gris. He dicho que cada uno que se sobre su producto y esta es mi tercera fuente de seis meses.”- Javier M.

“The product and support at Melancor is second to none. I had several questions and your support group and doctors answered all of my questions promptly and honestly. After trying other products and wasting my time and money, I was very skeptical. After one year I am gray-free. Thank you for being so diligent and patient with me. ”- Michelle J. Wichita, KS
“My wife and I tried herbal products that simply did not do the trick or deliver the results. I even experienced side effects with other products. We were both very exited when our neighbor told us about Melancor and the fact that he had been using for a year with no side effects. Needless to say, he looked years younger and we wanted to know how. My wife has been using it for her scattered gray hair and I have been using it for both my salt and pepper gray and receding hair line. I can’t tell you how pleased we are with Melancor. We now tell people all about your product for only one reason…because it works. Thank you.” Steve and Deborah C. Houston, TX
“I know you asked me to just send you something short about my experience with Melancor. However, I really need to tell you the whole story. I began graying and loosing hair when I was 23 years old. This was very traumatic for me and I really had a hard time accepting it. I have been using temporary hair color treatments for the past 7 years. After seeing Melancor on T.V., I went online and ordered my first three month supply and got some gradual results. After nine months, I was extremely surprise with the results. There were no side effects. I would have been happy with just regaining my natural hair color, but Melancor actually helped me regrow my receding hair line. I’ve told everyone at work about Melancor and I know several of them are using it today. I’m just glad it worked for me and I can already see their results. I really feel like a new man and I can not tell you what this has done for my confidence level. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
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