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Hair So Real is a revolutionary new solution to the chronic problems of hair loss, thinning hair and balding hair.
It is an artificial hair fiber that is textured to look exactly like your natural hair.
Hair So Real is the new, Doctor tested, non-toxic alternative to expensive surgical procedures and drug treatments.

Hair So Real is instant and looks natural.

Neat and easy application, just sprinkle it on.

Thickens thinning hair.

Stays on until you wash it out.

Takes years off your appearance.

Regain your confidence and spontaneity.

Ingredients: Rayon, Cotton, Nylon, keratin, ammonium chloride, silica: may contain: FD&C Yellow #5, FD&C Green #3, FD&C Blue #1, D&C Orange #4, D&C Red #22

Application :

Hair So Real Application

Hair So Real

Colors :

Please, read also the article about Toppik : Hair So Real is very similar to Toppik.

Focus Fiber Hold Spray
Is a fine spray specifically developed to increase the bond between Focus Fibers and thinning hairs.

You may use your own hair spray for this purpose.


Package: 4 fl. Oz. 60 day supply








Focus Lustrous Finishing Spray

Focus Lustrous Finishing Spray protects hair while providing a brilliant shine, without a stiff texture.

Gives softness to thick hair, formulated to seal in moisture.

Focus Lustrous Finishing Spray is recommended for all hair types.

Directions:  Spray onto damp or dry hair to smooth frizz and/or define curls.  

This product is made from all natural biodegradable ingredients.

Package: 4 fl. Oz. 60 day supply




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