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This is a Sharp Labs product.

It is scientifically formulated to target che pituitary and thyroid glands to help maximaze growth stimulation.

Protein is an indispensable ingredient in the living organism, and the amino acid building blocks must be available in the cytoplasm. Many amino acids are synthesized in the body; others are not. Those not synthesized are called essential amino acids. In man these are isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, and valine. These essential amino acids must be provided in the food that an organism eats. For example: If in Mexico the people ate corn alone, their diet would be deficient in tryptophan and lysine and their growth and tissue replacement may be impaired. Spanish people augment their basic corn diet with beans, which are richer in lysine but still poor in tryptophan. Eggs, milk, or meat would balance the diet. A vegetarian diet is characteristically low in lysine, methionine, and cystine. Animal products on the other hand provide a more complete array of amino acids. Thus inland African natives have dietary deficiencies not found in African coast natives who supplement their vegetable diet with fish. Children of central and southern Africa and India often suffer from protein insufficiency that leads to a serious disease called kwashiorkor. See also DNA; gene; METABOLISM; nucleic acid; NUTRITION; protein. - COURTESY ALFRED NOVAK, Stephens College

The amino acid group can help support a healthy body and well being. A healthy drug free body can offer many positive health and developmental aspects during ones growth cycle also. Amino acid supplements are safe and effective when taken on a regular basis can only help one's overall well being. Please consult your doctor before beginning any exercise or nutritional program.

The stature to which each of us grows is predetermined in our genes, as the racial differences between Pygmies and vatusis testify. Tall parents tend to produce tall offspring. And, the children of fat parents may be predisposed to obesity but these basic builds can be modulated by, and indeed depend on, endocrine and nutritional factors. The fact that modern human beings are taller than their ancestors of colonial or medieval times is attributable in part to better nutrition and medical care, and in part to hybrid vigor whereby people now marry out of their own cultures, nationalities, and races, thus mixing the gene pool. Our body produces growth hormone which promotes growth during childhood and adolescence, but slackens off when maturity is attained. Too much growth hormone, as is secreted by pituitary tumors, induces gigantism, while too little causes dwarfism. The adolescent growth spurt is correlated with the surge of sex hormones secreted at the time of puberty. Not surprisingly, nutritional factors have profound effects on growth, especially in immature individuals. Underfed children grow more slowly than normal, but if refeeding is not delayed too long, they will exhibit catch-up growth with little or no stunting of adult height.

Worse still is the amount of nutrition that is lost from our food through processing before we actually get to eat it. Professor Francis Potenger conducted a famous experiment into the effects of food processing. Taking two groups of kittens, he fed one group on fresh meat, the other on an exclusive diet of canned (processed) cat food. In time, the kittens in both groups grew to maturity and produced litters of their own. With each succeeding generation, the cats fed on fresh food flourished, their fur was glossy and sleek, their behavior lively and alert. The cats in the canned-food group, on the other hand, suffered a gradual physical and mental deterioration, growth was stunted, they became increasingly psychotic and unsociable, and eventually they were unable to reproduce. Of course, our diets are much more varied than those used in this controlled experiment. We eat a diversity of meats, dairy products, and vegetables. Nevertheless, Potenger's experiment suggests that no matter how nutritious or tasty our food seems, we most likely are not receiving everything we need for a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

In the book "The Amino Revolution", you can learn about the many health benefits of proper amino acid intakes. Too much or too little is not the answer. A perfected well balanced intake of essential and non essential amino acids is the goal.

By examining the metabolic imbalances behind a variety of health problems, you'll find out which aminos are involved. Then, suggestions for specific combinations of individual free-form aminos show how to restore balance to the affected pathway. In this way, you can strengthen your immune system, restore emotional and mental balance, and generally create enormous vitality--enough to meet the immense demands of the twentieth century. If you are used to thinking of improving your health by taking single nutritional supplements, such as vitamin C for a cold, or worse, drugs that only suppress the cold's symptoms, this new amino-based approach could radically alter your attitude and expectations. Used wisely, amino acids are safe, simple, and unequaled among natural substances for their health-enhancing potential.

No! G-Booster is an exclusive amino powdered supplement to help compliment one's diet which may be low in these vital nutrients. G-Booster is a balance of essential and non essential amino acids to help support ones metabolism and growth. Using this supplement will not make you grow taller any faster than your genetic blueprint allows nor is it being sold to make one grow taller. There is no single supplement in the world that can make one's body grow taller.  

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