Treatment of moderately severe virilism of women with Diane and Androcur 10. Die Behandlung mittelschwerer Virilisierungs-erscheinungen der Frau mit Diane und Androcur 10.

AUTHOR Doring HF; Ilgner M

SOURCE Z Hautkr 1983 May 15; 58 (10): 761-7



We report on 20 female patients suffering from acne, seborrhea, hirsutism, and androgenic alopecia during the years 1980-1982 who have been treated with 1 tablet of Androcur 10 (10 mg cyproteronacetate) daily, in the first 15 days applied together with Diane (0,05 mg ethinylestradiol and 2 mg cyproteronacetate). The results achieved after 2 years show an improvement of acne in 80 per cent of the cases, of seborrhea in 95 per cent, and of both hirsutism and androgenic alopecia in 45 per cent each. So this therapy takes its important place between the therapy with Diane alone and the usual supplementary dosis of 50 mg cyproteronacetate (Androcur) daily. (AUTHOR)

MJTR: Androgen Antagonists TU. Cyproterone AA. Cyproterone TU. Ethinyl Estradiol TU. Virilism DT. MNTR: Acne Vulgaris DT. Adolescence. Adult. Alopecia DT. Dermatitis, Seborrheic DT. Drug Combinations TU. Drug Therapy, Combination. English Abstract. Female. Hirsutism DT. Human. Middle Age. JOURNAL ARTICLE RNUM: 0 (Androgen Antagonists); 0 (Drug Combinations); 2098-66-0 (Cyproterone); 427-51-0 (Cyproterone Acetate); 57-63-6 (Ethinyl Estradiol); 60528-19-0 (Diane) GEOT: GERMANY, WEST IDEN: ISSN: 0301-0481. JOURNAL-CODE: XVK. ENTRY-DATE: 830909. JOURNAL-SUBSET: M. IM-DATE: 8311. ACCE: 83278013

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