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Who are we ?
Our management team is European and you can be absolutely sure that you are dealing with an honest, experienced and reputable team.
Your order directly goes to the pharmacy / company online which debit your credit card and send your packet.
How do I order?
Ordering at our website is simple. Find the product you prefer and click on "Secure Order Form".
Fill in the information on the forms as they appear. All orders are received via a secure server, protected by SSL 128 bit encryption. It ensures that your details are kept private and guarantees you peace of mind.

Your credit card will be charged of the amount indicated on your order form.

A confirmation page will appear immediately.
Shopping online sequence: Order on line->Immediate confirmation page->Shipment->Reship or refund in case of not delivery

Before ordering,  please make you sure that:

  • You have filled in the correct Data of your credit card
  • You have enough money on your credit card
    Can I be sure that ordering from you is safe ?
    All orders are received via a secure server, protected by 128bit encryption, to ensure you that your details are kept private and to guarantee your peace of mind.


    The transaction is totally safe, without any risk of interception of classified data (such as address, credit card number, etc.).
    In fact, the Anagen order system uses SSL 128 bit key server (secure socket layer).
    This protocol is safe from any hacker's attack. A prize of $100,000 has been offered for whomever could find a way to beat this system.
    To confirm that you're using a secure modality, you will see the following icon in the status bar of your browser window:
    Microsoft Internet Explorer
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    Netscape Navigator
     or chiave.gif (170 byte)
    In addition, our Digital ID (necessary for a SSL secure server to work) assures you of our company identity and establishment. So do not have any doubts about ordering with your credit card.

    Our orders are processed using the latest secure servers and Anagen.net has built a solid reputation as an honest and highly reputable supplier.

    Furthermore our success rate without problems is 99.5%.
    To which Countries products can be sent?
    Worldwide including Canada, US, Japan, UK and Australia. Products will be shipped in a discrete package.
    What currency are the price on the website ?
    All price on the website are in US dollars, NZ$ (New Zealand dollars), CND (Canadian dollars) or euro ().
    If you want to see the cost in your local currency click on currency converter.
    Do you gaurantee your products?
    All our products are sourced from reputable companies and suppliers. If your purchase is faulty in any way we'll be pleased to replace it. The pharmacy which you order to is not responsible for orders lost due to unreliable postal services or incorrect address details.
    Shipping time
    It takes between 4 and 21 days for an order to arrive. Orders generally arrive within 7 days, but a small percentage of order can take longer, due to delays in various postal services.
    Shipping Cost
    The express courier offers an insurance so every package will reach destination without problems, guaranteeing the delivery in 4-7 days. The consignment sometimes arrives within other few days.
    Can you give medical advice?
    Sorry no - we always try to be as helpful as possible informing you about drugs composition, order quantities, availability etc, Only your doctor or your healthcare providers can give you medical advices. Do not take prescription medications without such supervision.
    How can I cancel my order?
    We will not accept requests for cancellations once the order has been processed.
    Am I saving money?
    We regularly check our price. We are committed to give you the best value and our price are, on average the lowest you will find in local areas. We understand the importance of shopping from the convenience and privacy of your home or office. Our wide selection of products is also beneficial, allowing you to choose which product is appropriate for you. Some products are 30-40% cheaper than normal market price.
    It has been more than two weeks, and my package hasn't arrived. What should I do? Has the order been shipped?
    Unless we send you an email saying that the product you ordered is backordered, your order has been shipped and the delay is due to customs or the postal service. It is not uncommon for customs officers to inspect packages before passing them through, but the primary reason for delays is poor postal service. Do not worry, your order is on the way and we will work with you to track its progress.
    How do I know you will not misuse my credit card information?
    No problem. In the event that there was a fraudulent charge on your card, you can call your credit card company and they will reverse the charge. You are constantly protected!

    Are all drugs available?
    No. Many types of drugs are not allowed to be imported. Drugs like narcotics are not allowed. So don't ask for them.

    And if I need information regarding dosage, side effects, etc.?
    Consult your physician and/or pharmacist. We do not offer any medical opinion or advice.

    We seek the world's best price, the best products. We spend time and energy, but we are happy to offer this service to our customers.

    The buyer is responsible for proper use of all products.

    If you question has not been answered click here, send us an email, and we will try to answer your question as soon as possible.

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